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3 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Facebook | Social Media Tips

Do you come across ‘ultimate guides’ packed with dozens of the best Facebook tips every day? Have you read hundreds of foolproof hacks about how to gain the most followers, ramp up engagement rates and drive sales from social media?

You know what? Sometimes you just need to be aware of what NOT to do. So here it comes; 3 Facebook no-nos.

Sometimes you just need to be aware of what NOT to do. So here it comes; 3 Facebook no-nos. Click To Tweet


Spam the boost button

With the latest algorithm updates, reaching people on Facebook has been getting harder and harder. You’ve probably noticed that fewer people are looking at your page profile and engagement rate has dropped.

Ado is huge on social, everybody wants to get through their brand’s message, and thus Facebook decided to implement a new filter that only allows highly engaging content to appear on your followers’ news feed to improve the user experience for users. So now you get fewer likes.

Hitting the boost button every time a post doesn’t perform as well as you would have expected it, will only give you poorly filtered, often irrelevant attention. Can you afford wasting money on advertising that will have a very low ROI (Return On Investment)?

If you have an important post, go to Ads Manager and set up an accurately targeted, thought-through campaign. Bid the same amount that you would spend on boosting and I promise, you’ll get more quality engagement.


Begging for likes & followers

Let’s say that you are a financial advisor prospecting people who need help with their taxes,and you post a picture of a dog with this call-to-action: ‘Like this, if you adore cute and fluffy puppies!’; or a completely random meme about penguins.

They might hit like, but it is very improbable that they will ever become clients. Posting irrelevant and unprofessional content for the sake of a couple of likes is simply foolish. I love a good meme, but at least make it somewhat relevant, please.

Facebook tips meme

If people genuinely like your content, they will engage with it,and honestly, isn’t one relevant comment better than a hundred stiff likes?

The same applies to gathering new followers. Let the relevant audience know that you have a Facebook page but don’t spam them with follow invitations.


Ignore, hide, delete

We’ve all received negative reviews, angry comments and bad feedback on Facebook. It’s the curse of social media that you need to learn to  cope with.

Ignoring these comments is an opportunity lost to deliver good customer experience. Try not to take such feedback personally – this is a tough one, I know -, take a deep breath, count to ten and come up with a polite yet firm response. This will show your audience, that you care about their problems even if you can’t solve them right away.

Never hide or delete a comment, unless it is offensive or contains profanity. Again, consider this as an opportunity to reflect professionalism.

Need some guidance on how to deal with feedback? Then here’s an article for you!

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