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3 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Instagram | Social Media Tips

Oh, Instagram, you are mysterious! When you think you hacked it and now everybody will see your awesome content, an algorithm update comes and your great strategy is gone with the wind. Gone are the good old days, when Instagram showed posts in chronological order. C’est la vie!

Needless to say, Instagram is a tough nut, especially if you want to drive sales and not just use it as a branding exercise. If I shared Instagram tips about what to do on this platform, this article would probably get outdated by the time I’ve finished typing.

That’s why I’m going to share not-to-do’s, in the hope that you can benefit from these social media tips..


2,000,000 & above

If you are a small business, who wants to drive traffic and ideally sales from a well-defined audience, you can’t afford to use irrelevant hashtags that are trending.

Why not?

  1. Because you’ll reach people who could not care less about your brand;
  2. And even if they do care, your content will get lost in hashtag-ado.

Even if #entrepreneur is super relevant for your business, it has 40 million posts (and counting). People who follow this hashtag will likely miss out on your post unless you have 500k followers to help your picture stay on the top of the grid.

Even if you can’t resist using a couple of super popular tags, pair them with hashtags between 250-750 thousand posts, but do not use only 2 million+ tags.

I’m sure that now you want to read some more on hashtags, so check out this article with a downloadable guide.



You’ve probably noticed that people gather around your more popular content and comment the most random emojis. This is because Instagram has released an update that values comments over likes. This means that if your post has many comments on it, that must be engaging for others, so Instagram will deliver it to more people.

But why do you get these “comments”? Instagram is a community where everybody should contribute to creating splendid content and expressing an opinion. So if you comment on others’ pictures, you’ll get a big high-five from Instagram. That’s why people spam you with emoticons.

Don’t comment or reply with one (or a dozen) emoji(s) though.

The problem with emojis is, that they don’t really count as opinion. So don’t waste your time on them. When you get an emoji, say thank you, ask the commenter what they like about your post and try to write an at least 2-line answer. I know it’s timely, but this will really ramp up your engagement rate unlike ‘emojiing’.

The same goes when you comment on others’ content. If you have something to say about it, say it, if not, remain silent.


Messy profile – who cares?

Ehm, your followers-to-be? As Instagram is getting ever more popular, people are getting pickier of who they follow. In the past they might have started following anybody with one top-notch shot, but not anymore.

Followers-to-be now go to your profile and if they like what they see, they might follow you. That’s why it’s important to carefully curate your feed. There are plenty of ways to do this; pictures with broad white frame quotes for every other post, a noticeable color scheme etc.

This trend began in the second half of 2018 and is predicted to stay. Find an awesome layout that fits your brand and stick with it. Here’s some inspiration:

instagram tips christie adams

instagram tips dare to fly

instagram tips 10to8

Love our profile? Follow 10to8 on Instagram!

They look awesome, don’t they? So do not mess up your profile with random posts, that’s what Instagram Stories are for. Kind of.

The best tool that you can use for curating your Instagram feed is Plann That, a fellow scheduler app, only they don’t schedule appointments but insta posts. They have stunning ideas about how to make your profile stand out from the crowd, great Instagram tips you can drive traffic and sales with, and an awesome tool that has a free version too!

instagram tips plann


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