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3 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Twitter | Social Media Tips

Twitter is often overlooked when talking about social media tips and overall marketing communication. Probably because it differs from other platforms where you can go on and on about how great your product is without any limitations. On Twitter, you are limited by character count and so you need to put your creative hat on to form your brand’s message in a very short tweet.

I personally think that people give up trying too easily if they try at all. In order not to bombard you with Twitter tips that can scare you off, for starters here are 3 simple things that you should not do.

People give up trying too easily if they try at all. In order not to bombard you with Twitter tips that can scare you off, for starters here are 3 simple things that you should not do. Click To Tweet


Ignore hashtags

280 characters are not a lot, believe me, I know that. Especially when you need to squeeze in a URL to your website or online booking page where the customer journey actually begins with you. You don’t have characters to waste on silly hashtags, so you can just ignore them. However, if you read up on hashtags you would know that they are in fact very important when it comes to Twitter.

It’s easy to bridge the long link problem with shortener tools, so you can now concentrate on researching hashtags. Yes, you need to do some research. For this, you can use the Twitter homepage, but that only gives you a couple of trending tags. To find a higher volume trending hashtags, check out trends24 and just use some common sense to decide if a hashtag is relevant for your brand.

If you have a couple of keywords that you want to target, check their popularity beforehand with Hashtagify. This tool will also give you an idea about what other hashtags ‘Twitter-villagers’ use with your targeted keyword amongst other useful details.

Twitter Tips Hashtagify

An example of Twitter Tips hashtag search

Text tweets only

Undoubtedly, Twitter is a great place for text-only posts, as even lazy readers can get through the short updates without losing interest. But this doesn’t mean that you should only post plain text tweets. Mix it up a little; include a link, share an image or series of images. Sometimes entertain your followers with GIFs or short videos.

Keep in mind that Twitter still supports horizontal media more as opposed to Facebook’s and Instagram’s vertical content craze.

Don’t be afraid of engaging with your audience; ask them questions and use the poll option.  


While we’re at engagement, it’s worth noting, that being mentioned in somebody else’s tweet is an excellent opportunity to gain more exposure to your brand. If a user mentions you on their own profile, their network will see the post as well, which allows you to get more eyeballs on your brand.

If another business mentions you, that’s even better! Find out if they are opened to collaborations or guest posts.

Don’t miss out on mentions, check your notifications regularly to see whether you’ve been tagged in a tweet. React to these with at least a like, but better a comment, and you can even hit retweet to back up your popularity with some social proof from others.  


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