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Learn to Schedule – 4 Tips to Ease Your Life as a Private Teacher


The truth is, being a teacher is all about lifelong learning. Since every student has a different approach to learning, the teacher has to tailor the study material to one’s preferences. Being a private tutor might seem to be easier, because they are in the honoured position of concentrating on just one student at a time. But shifting between students after classes is just as difficult as concentrating on a whole group in a classroom.

With 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software you can master the art of scheduling classes and planning your day. Our free software is perfect for teachers and tutors, since it includes a great calendar which is designed to match your needs, you can schedule classes yourself or let your students book appointments online. Furthermore, there are options to add notes, send reminders, create a variety of classes, allow group bookings and more.

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Here come 4 tips to make your life easier.


1. Add short breaks

Whether you are a private teacher who goes to students homes, or a tutor with fixed location, you’ll need to add small breaks – buffer times, if you will – to your calendar. In 10to8 you can easily add just as long buffer time as you need.

This way you’ll have some time to prepare for your next appointment. You can have a cup of tea, compose your thoughts and find the next chapters in the textbook. Enrolling a couple of short breaks between your scheduled classes will help you survive until the end of the day.


2. Book some time for yourself

Having a proper lunch is pivotal. Grab a plate, sit down, toss your smartphone aside, and concentrate on the food you are eating. The best way is if you take on the habit of having lunch at a certain time everyday, and stick to it.

With 10to8 you can book a time just for yourself, if you set it as private, your students won’t be able to book it in your calendar.


3. Color coded calendar

If you don’t allow group bookings, because you prefer awarding a student with your undivided attention, you can still find it useful to group your students.

Put students into categories based on their improvement level, exam they’re preparing for or the type of class they’re attending. The bottom line is to create an organized, easy-to-understand calendar, which is also fun to look at.


4. Write notes and communicate

If you have two students preparing for the same exam, are on the same level but you tailor different teaching methods to their needs, you may find it somewhat difficult to remember where were you with them at the end of the session. Add notes to your appointments with 10to8, so your calendar will securely store and remember all the details for you.

You can also remind your students in text messages or emails to write their homework, browse through an upcoming chapter or bring another kind of book to the next session. Communicate more effectively, manage cancellations, and avoid no-shows.


There aren’t many trusted, free teachers’ calendars on the market and even less that really work. 10to8 is the booking app which will teach you something new: the difference between good and great class scheduling.

Bring your appointment no-show rate down to 1.7% today!

Businesses using 10to8 see 80% fewer no-shows than industry averages over 8-9% (based on usage data from 25,000+ businesses)
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