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5 Must-Have’s When Designing Your Counselling Space

Getting started with your very own counselling practise is quite a rush. Finding the location, (re)decorating the place and planning the layout of an ordinary working environment is challenging enough, even more so, if it’s a counselling space.

There are many different approaches to consider when creating your psychotherapy work environment, that just listing them would be impossible. However, there are five items that should – without question – be part of your office.



Having a big bright counselling space can be just as uninviting as a dimly litroom. Sharing emotions only happens in a safe, home-like space. When choosing the lighting of your office, opt for lamps with adjustable brightness, as you know all too well no two patients are the same. If you offer workshops or play counselling, it is even more important.



Once more, balance is key: Clutter, too much of it can be distracting, however, no decoration can create an environment that lacks inducement. You also need to find what goes best with the type of counselling you do. If you are a children’s psychotherapist, then having colourful, soft and stimulating decoration in the room is a must.

Nevertheless, there are two kinds of items that you can place in your office regardless of your speciality; something personal and a plant, both of these things help with humanization. Again, you don’t need to use family pictures as a wallpaper or grow a jungle. A personal nick-nack or a favourite pencil case shows that you are in fact a human being, and a healthy plant reflects care – so don’t choose an artificial plant.



Counselling is no doubt one of the most serious professions. Your clients go to you with their biggest problems, deepest anxieties and most serious fears in life. You need to come across as trustworthy, understanding, and highly-qualified.

Place your credentials in solid frames and hang them on the wall. Choose a spot where they are easy to discover but not too conspicuous.


Comfortable furniture

It seems obvious to choose furniture that is comfortable for your clients, but what about you? If you buy a chair, desk, sofa or else, that you’re not satisfied with, but it looks very professional, it won’t actually be a professional choice. When shopping for furniture, always take someone with you, a second pair of eyes can help you to make the right decision.

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