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Case Study: How A Fitness Studio Uses 10to8 Sports Scheduling Software

Sports scheduling software is probably the best tool to manage your calendar(s), receive online bookings, set automatic email and text messages to remind clients, attract new customers and manage online payments all from one place.

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Now meet a fitness studio which uses 10to8 online booking software.

Chrome Divas Fitness Studio is based in Manila, Philippines. There are only a few businesses that operate online in this location, so having an easy to set up and find booking page was desired. The user friendly interface, which works on all devices, and pricing were key reasons why they opted for 10to8.

“Classes are easily managed by teachers knowing who were booked, accounting aspect was easier.”

A fitness studio with a big variety of classes can benefit from 10to8, since the product allows setting up services with various durations and locations. If you have multiple staff, you can add them to the services they provide and limit their access role as you wish. Another great feature is calendar sync, which is useful if your staff members use Google calendar, iCal, Outlook, Office 365 or Exchange.

“We have established ease and comfort for Filipinos who do aerial arts through online booking.”

10to8 sports scheduling software will help your business grow and make managing classes a breeze. Find out more about pricing and join today!

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