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13 Reasons Why To Upgrade

If you use 10to8 appointment booking software on the Free Forever Plan, you’ve probably achieved a lot with it already. However, would it be even better with customisable reminders, your own branding, personalized URLs for your booking page, and phone support? These are some of the features that are already in the product and that can be unlocked on our paid plans.

Our free online booking system is designed to help small businesses to get started and grow faster. When you’re about to reach new heights with your company, you need to take the next step with 10to8.

Here are 13 reasons why it’s worth upgrading to a paid plan.

1. Customisable text messages

SMS and email notifications and reminders are available on the free version, but you can’t change the text, and this is one of the main reasons why people upgrade. Let’s say that you have a boat rental. How fun would it be to start the texts with ‘Ahoy!’. Or you are a hairdresser and want to offer your clients to bring a picture of the look that they want. You can customise SMS reminders up to 140 characters from the Basic plan and above.

2. Longer texts

On the Grow Plan or higher, SMS can be up to 268 characters long, allowing more information to be included such as instructions or links. For example if your business is a bit hidden and hard to find, you probably want to include a detailed directions for first-timers.

3. Changing the phone number

You can change the short name appearing on the message envelope even on the free plan, but your clients will always get the SMS notifications from a 10to8 phone number. It’s not awful, but would be nice to do something about this, wouldn’t it? And you can do so on the Grow Plan or higher.

4. Branding

Branding is very basic nowadays and if you use 10to8 appointment booking software for free, our logo is placed on your email reminders and booking page. The logo gets removed automatically if you upgrade to the Basic Plan or higher.

5. Personal booking page Url excluding ‘free’

If you are using the free online booking system, then your unique booking page URL is automatically generated by our system, and so not very personal. On the Grow Plan or higher, you can change the booking URL to make it more personal, shorter, and still unique, to match you as an entrepreneur.

6. Phone support

According to the 35,000 businesses that use 10to8, this tool is easy to use. But if there’s a glitch, or you are having some difficulties with your account, you can always contact support via Nevertheless, with more complex problems you might want to deal on the phone. Phone support is only available from the Grow Plan and above.

7. Book a room

Let’s say that you bought a big, bright building to lease it as a studio for shootings. First, you only furnished and designed one room, but now photographers getting to discover this location, so you need more premises, more settings in different styles. So now you offer 3 completely different rooms in the same location. With 10to8, you can book rooms on the Grow Plan or higher.

8. More appointments

As your business grows, you’ll need more appointments for your clientele. On Free and Basic you get a hundred, which is a good start, and then you can upgrade to get 300 on the Grow Plan, 600 on the Bigger Business Plan and as many as you want on a bespoke Enterprise Plan.

9. 2-way chat

More customers means more communication. Let’s say that one of your clients canceled their appointment. On the Grow Plan or higher you can reach out to somebody else, who’s queuing to enjoy your service, and the two of you can have a nice 2-way chat via SMS about whether they want to take the freed up slot.

10. More staff members

When you attract more customers, you’ll need to employ more people to keep your clients happy. They will need a login for 10to8, so they can see their bookings and be aware of their schedules. On the Free and Basic Plans you get 2 staff logins, on Grow 3, on Bigger Business 6, and on Enterprise level as many as you bespoke with us.

11. SMS for staff members

So now you have a wide clientele and more employees. Cancellations happen, and sometimes they can’t be filled up even with great appointment booking software. Your staff will get a text message on their phone if their appointment get cancelled, but only if you are on the Grow Plan or higher. This way you can keep your employees posted, and create a better working environment.

12. Reporting like a boss

We understand that as an enterprise, you need very specific reports, that’s why our engineering team is always ready to gather all the metrics you need and create a tailor-made custom report for you. On the Enterprise Plan everything is bespoke, even the reports.

13. Onboarding

You’re probably busy running your enterprise, and you don’t want to train someone to teach your staff how to use 10to8. And you don’t have to. On the Enterprise Plan, we can offer you and your team high quality onboarding and training. Quick, easy, efficient.

You probably have a couple of reasons for using 10to8 free online booking system, but we have shown you 13 reasons why to upgrade. So check out our pricing and choose the suitable plan for you!

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