The best mobile apps to help run your business



Running your business doesn’t have to be confined to sitting at a computer all day. There are so many mobile apps out there that could be of huge benefit to running and managing your small business.

Here are our 4 top picks!

  •      For organisation and task management, apps like Wunderlist and Evernote are brilliant for small businesses. In particular, Wunderlist allows you to keep track of your projects, set deadlines and reminders, make and share lists, and arrange your workload into manageable tasks.
  •      Being able to stay in instant-communication with your colleagues is crucial to keeping the ball rolling – Slack and HipChat are perfect for this. They are also great for quickly sharing files such as images, videos, and voice-recordings.
  •      When it comes to the marketing and promotion of your small business, CrowdFire, Mailchimp and HootSuite are some great tools to use. HootSuite is great for launching marketing campaigns, scheduling content, and analysing results. CrowdFire is brilliant for managing your followings on social media.
  •      Working remotely? GoogleDrive is the answer. Create, share, save and edit documents in real time, and work collaboratively on documents with others.  You can also access your files from any online connection, meaning that your documents will always be safe in case your device crashes.

Not only do these apps offer a great way to increase productivity and to manage your small business on the go, but taking advantage of such tools can also give you significant competitive advantage.

Which apps do you use to help manage your business?