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The 8 Best Business Blogs To Follow

It used to make me feel a bit uneasy when I had been asked on a website to enter my email address for whatever reason. Even when they were luring me with a 20% off coupon or the chance to win an all-exclusive trip, I just knew that I’ll be flooded by promotional emails the minute after I hit ‘Submit’. I actually kept an email address for this purpose.

Honestly, these kinds of tricks still make me a bit hesitant, but now at least I have a much better chance to unsubscribe from their mailing list, although some websites still fail to place an unsubscribe link in their messages or they hide it very well.

I reckon that GDPR urged businesses, be it B2B or B2C, to create engaging content and deliver value, as people are empowered to take actions against mishandled data, including email rubbish.

Now, that I have to populate our blog editorial calendar with entertaining and useful content month by moth, I seek the opportunities to gather ideas, and what’s a better way than getting them delivered to my inbox? No, I’m not talking about stealing other writers’ articles and basically republishing them on our blog, but rather collecting inspiration, reading amazing stories, getting to know new trends, learning about new business solutions and gathering all the information that I can later refer to.

The purpose of this article is to firstly, inspire business owners. Secondly, to honor the best business blogs that often give me the much-needed ideas when I’m in the bottommost of writer’s block.

The purpose of this article is to firstly, inspire business owners. Secondly, to honor the best business blogs that often give me the much-needed ideas when I’m in the bottommost of writer’s block. Click To Tweet

1. Zapier

On Zapier’s blog, you’ll find articles about useful apps and how to make the most of them, along with extremely helpful business management advice, including productivity tips, app how to’s, ultimate guides on various topics such as remote working or email marketing, and of course, Zapier updates.

best business blogs to follow Zapier

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

I hardly ever receive an email from them that I can ignore. I always open their emails and almost always click. The topics they cover are either relevant or tickle my brain enough to make me click through for the scratch.

Their messages are quite frequent, however, since the articles are useful (and highly addictive), the volume is not irritating.


2. FitSmallBusiness

If you are a small business owner, Fit Small Business’s blog is a must-read. Imagine an ever-updating knowledge base with helpful content covering marketing, HR, and financing. They even dedicate a whole section for ‘Starting a Business’.

Apart from interesting and trending news for small businesses, they also review software solutions, which are often free for small businesses as an attempt to help entrepreneurs find tools that suit their business without making them bankrupt. This is how 10to8 got featured on the best free appointment schedulers list.

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

When you run a small business, you probably don’t have all the time in the world to browse the internet for bits and pieces about entrepreneurship and business management. FitSmallBusiness solves this problem for you. I have never thought about starting my own business, but reading this website sometimes makes me feel that it could be fun.


3. Intercom

If you use 10to8 appointment scheduling software, you’ve probably seen the Intercom icon in the bottom right corner of the product, as well as on our website as an encouragement to reach out to our support team.

We not only like their software but find their blog amazing too. Inside Intercom you’ll find marketing and sales tips, design inspiration, customer service related articles, however, what makes this blog stand out are the podcasts they share.

best business blogs to follow Intercom

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

Credibility and authenticity. I utterly believe that a B2B blog must have these two attributes, as the advice they should give might affect serious business decisions. Intercom’s blog brings this to new heights.

Intercom often teams up with other industry leaders and experts, to mention just two, Ryan Bonnici from G2 Crowd and Kieran Flanagan from HubSpot. Intercom doesn’t try to come across as an expert in all business fields, they collaborate with others in order to create truly useful content.


4. Solopreneur

I wanted to mention Lisa Penson’s blog for solopreneurs, as I’ve been lucky enough to have been working with her on an article about how to become a successful entrepreneur and get to know her passion for helping others. Lisa truly understands how running a business on your own can be since she’s been working closely with entrepreneurs across different industries.

Hers is not a big fancy blog with dozens of new posts every week, however, the topics she covers are always spot on for one-man-bands.

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

The Solopreneur Blog has a personality, which is hard to find in the circle of B2B blogs. Being an entrepreneur can get lonely and somebody who understands and tries to solve your problems with running your own business is comforting. Here you’ll find advice on setting smart goals, reserving a healthy work-life balance, the pros and cons of being your own boss and more ‘biz tips’.


5. Canva

To move towards more specifically themed blogs, here’s Canva.

We’re living in a visual age when even the tiniest piece of information is unbearable without a fantastic image against it. Businesses need to have their own design team, even if it’s the same person who does marketing and also is the receptionist, which is often the case with small businesses.

It goes without saying that Canva itself is a great tool, and the same can be told about the Canva blog. It is probably not a huge surprise that they mostly cover design-related topics, however, what’s great about their articles is that the tips they give can easily be implemented.

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

Not everybody has the eye of a photographer, and thus it’s hard to please customers with stunning designs. The Canva blog will educate you on how to create more aesthetic materials, such as business cards, menus and even flyers that people won’t throw away immediately.

best business blogs to follow

Even if you have a basic understanding of design, like I do, catching up with new trends and getting inspired never hurts. Another plus is that Canva’s emails always have a great summary, that is short but gives a clear idea of what you will or would see if you clicked-through, which is not always the case.


  1. Sprout Social

If you care about social media – and you should -, then be sure to check out Sprout Social’s blog packed full with SMM (Social Media Marketing) tips, industry insights, and trends.

For in-depth insights, algorithm updates and social media platform-specific tips, this is the blog to browse. Sprout Social is one of the most popular all-in-one social media scheduling tools, and with their resources and experience, they have in this field, be sure that they know everything about social media there is to know. And thankfully, they share some of their knowledge.

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

Succeeding on social media is hard, time-consuming and can be frustrating. The strategy you used yesterday doesn’t work today, and you can easily spend countless hours researching what’s going on and what to do next.

Sprout’s blog will help you get a clearer picture and release some of the frustration. Obviously, just reading the blog won’t result in immediate success, but will give you some guidance on how to design better social media strategy for your small business.


7. Later

Later’s blog is about the most time-consuming social media platforms of all: Instagram. Instagram is often referred to as the platform for branding, however, Facebook is working on a range of new Instagram features that will most definitely change this. To mention just one, the shoppable Instagram posts are already here and transforming “useless image feeds” into highly converting posts.

Later’s blog is all about Instagram, so I’m sure it’s not that important for everyone, however, if you are looking to get out more of IG in exchange of your efforts, I highly recommend this blog.

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

You would expect that after a while there’s just nothing new to say about how to use Instagram as a business. Later’s writers somehow always manage to share something new that is actually useful.

To throw you a curve ball, this blog is an awesome example of what I believe a blog with such a specific topic should look like and how you should promote these articles.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed not clicking through of their emails, and yes, this is partly because I’m a huge Instagram enthusiast, but also, because they are amazing at building up curiosity about their content.

So even if you couldn’t care less about Instagram itself, I’m sure you’ll learn something from Later.


8. 10to8 Blog

I know modesty is a virtue, and I should mention our blog here, but just check it out and you’ll understand why I couldn’t resist. Our blog is updated weekly with articles about marketing, sales, customer service, web design, business management and so much more.

Why it made the list of best business blogs to follow?

What’s unique about the 10to8 blog is that everybody contributes their time and knowledge to provide the readers with exceptionally colorful content on their expertise.

best business blogs to follow

Our engineering team writes about the new features of 10to8 appointment scheduling software, what’s next to be improved and even techie articles that presume some web development or web design experience from the readers’ end. Our sales team helps beginners get started with the whole sales process and close more deals, while customer service shares their experience on how to write support articles or analyze feedback. And of course, we in marketing deliver content that we deem to be useful for businesses, such as AdWords best practices, social media guides, and SEO tips. (Psst! Now we accept high-quality guest blog posts from insightful writers of various areas.)

So if you’ve decided to subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly emails, click here.


Did I miss your favorite business blog from the list? Let me know in the comment section, so I can check it out!

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