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3 Essential Tools For Coaching Professionals

As a coaching professional, you probably have a full repertoire of tools that you use on a daily basis. Your favorite books, mobile devices, stationary products and equipment for your most used coaching exercises are all essential, but there are 3 less obvious tools that should be in your “go-to-kit”. As a coaching professional, you probably have a full repertoire of tools that you use on a daily basis, but there are 3 less obvious tools that should be in your “go-to-kit”. Click To Tweet You might not even consider them as tools in the conventional sense, and they are better to be addressed as solutions.  
  1. E-Groups

Without saying anything surprising or new: social media is a great platform to engage with your clientele and clients-to-be, but bare with me. For more engaged audience and meaningful discussions, you should turn to Facebook groups and Twitter lists. In these communities you can get to know your audience in depth. People are more likely to share information about themselves in groups, than comment on page posts. A group is more private and so generally more trustworthy. If you decide to create a group, make sure, that you add the link to your website in a highlighted area, such as the header or menu. A free group can be very appealing and can drive clients to your doorstep. When they join the group, you can ask them questions and learn more about their needs.  

2. You-time

Helping others in a personal and professional improvement can be exhausting. When coaching your clients you kind of give a bit of yourself to your coachee. After sessions the old batteries need to be recharged. Behind every great personality there’s a good stress-reliever technique. Find yours, and always make time for it. One holiday in August is simply not enough to let off steam, you need to let go of stressful happenings every single day.  

3. Coaching Software

Your organizer and calendar are probably already your best friends, so why not take professionalism one step further? Having reliable coaching management software can save you time, keep you super-organized and reduce the number of coachee no-shows. With 10to8 coaching software your clients can book phone and in person appointments online. You can set up 1-on-1 services and group sessions. Automate SMS & email reminders and track if they get opened, spot no-shows before they happen and avoid them. 10to8 is very popular with successful coaches. Create your free account today and see for yourself why.

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