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3 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Linkedin | Social Media Series

In today’s day and age, every business needs a LinkedIn page.

Whether you’re in the process of creating a company profile or already have one, you can always learn something new about the platform with the help of our useful tips for LinkedIn.


Why do you need a LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn is a B2B (Business to Business) social network primarily for organizations and professionals. Along with your online booking page, this is the digital space to exude professionalism. Consistent communication and excellent brand storytelling, especially post Covid, are of the utmost importance.

If you run a B2C (Business to Customer) business, such as a barbershop or a pilates studio, you might be focusing more on Instagram than LinkedIn. However, having a LinkedIn profile can help revamp your brand, and give it a highly professional appearance on social media.

Here are some common mistakes made by businesses that can be easily avoided with the help of our social media tips


Guessing Game

It’s time to do-away guesswork when it comes to mapping your audience. With LinkedIn Analytics you can figure out exactly who and where your audience is. It provides you with information such as location, job title, industry, seniority level, company size, and so much more. Having this level of data is a great treasure, cherish it.

Linked Tips Job Function

This information helps you analyze whether your current communication is attracting the audience that you intend to target. If it doesn’t, you can customize it further to achieve more specific or wider reach.

Having an in-depth understanding of your audience helps you choose the tone of voice, design content, and even schedule posts and sponsored content. Let’s say you have a new article for Universities that will drive college counselors to your blog. Knowing that the majority of your profile visitors are based in London, you can schedule the post to be published during office hours.

I’ve found that around lunchtime or before the evening commute is the perfect slot to share blog articles.

You can also tell if your audience is more active on desktop or mobile devices, and this information will help you design better social media content for the appropriate devices and even landing pages outside of LinkedIn.


What are native videos?

Native videos have been around for a while on LinkedIn but they are surprisingly under-utilized. Start using them, if you don’t already. Show off your company to other businesses by publishing highly engaging and professional videos that don’t interrupt the user experience by forcing users to leave the site after clicking a non-native video.

LinkedIn Video Consumption

Image source: MWP Digital Media through Kinsta

Videos that you upload straight to LinkedIn will perform better than the ones you share from YouTube or other channels. An added advantage of native videos is that you can have them sponsored and reach more people who are relevant to your business.

The scope of opportunities is endless: you can upload support videos, reports, and even webinars – it really just depends on your goal. Virtual events and webinars are here to stay and they are excellent revenue drivers – learn how to monetize your virtual events.


Only when You need something…

LinkedIn is often utilized for recruitment, and so when businesses are hiring, they post their vacancy to the networking site. As candidates will most likely check the company’s profile, the soon-to-be employer shares some updates about the business to attract visitors and when the position is filled, they often abandon the profile and come back when a new position opens up. This can seriously backfire.

It is the most common mistake that smaller or B2C businesses make on LinkedIn because they don’t have the capacity to share content regularly. What’s the downside? Visitors can see the date your posts were published.

If you only care about your business profile when you want something from the social network, candidates might get the feeling that this could apply to employee-care too. Candidates may worry that your goal with the posts you’ve shared about the top-notch team and the picture-perfect company is just advertising and not the truth. During the age of the trust implosion, it can mean losing a superb candidate for a highly competitive role, and for such a silly reason… It’s a mistake you cannot afford to make.

Posting regularly on your company’s LinkedIn profile is key to attracting the best candidates, as well as prospecting clients. Company updates and blog articles bring high engagement, but visual content performs much better as it helps you stand out. Nowadays it’s easy to hire a freelance graphic designer to create content unique to your brand without spending a fortune, and signing contracts with agencies. You can even consider tools like Visme to create infographics and data charts.


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