4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Counselling Practice Needs Scheduling Software

Whether you run your own private counselling practice, you have a lot on your plate. Much of your day is taken up with patient consultations, but that’s not all. You’ve also got to keep records of patient progress, find a way to manage patient appointments, keep track of cancellations, and figure out billing issues. Appointment Scheduled Software can help you manage all of this. Trying to juggle all of these things at once can take a serious toll on your stress levels and ability to focus. When you’re being pulled in too many directions, you can’t give your patients the level of care they need. They might feel like you don’t care about them, and could look for a therapist somewhere else. Many of these problems come up when therapists and counsellors try to manually create their own schedule. Using a patient scheduling software can help you avoid many of the problems that come up with patient appointments. If you find yourself encountering one or more of the problems below, it’s time you looked into getting a scheduling software for your practice.

You Find Yourself Double Booking Appointments

  • Shows difficulty keeping times apart
  • Makes clients unhappy
  • Scheduling software helps you keep appointments straight and prevents you from double booking by showing you what appointments you already have and what appointments are available

Your Clients Are Frequently Cancelling on You

  • Some cancelling is part of the practice, but when it happens on a regular basis, you have a problem
  • Client cancelling is an indicator of displeasure
  • Can also be because clients don’t remember their appointments
  • Scheduling software helps clients choose a time that works for them, making them more likely to show up
  • Will also send reminders so that clients don’t forget their appointments

You Can’t Find Time For Yourself

  • You find yourself going through the entire work day without eating, or have to cut into client time to use the restroom
  • You feel exhausted at the end of the day because you had appointments all day back to back
  • Scheduling software helps you build in break times
Break times help you recharge and take care of your needs, so you’re better able to focus on your clients

You Have Less Time For Your Clients

  • You find yourself cutting into client time to work on other administrative tasks
  • Your appointments run over, meaning you start sessions later than intended
  • Clients complain that you’re running late
  • Having a scheduling software saves you time because you don’t have to work so hard to schedule appointments
  • It also helps you ensure you have enough time for your client’s needs.
Any one of these issues can cost your practice valuable time and return clients. You want your scheduling efforts to be as efficient as possibl e, so you can get back to your other business tasks. 10to8 understands the many problems therapists can encounter when it comes to client scheduling. We created a platform with features to address the issues you face in balancing appointments. Online scheduling is available 24/7, so your clients can get on and find a time that works for them when they have a better i dea of their other commitments.   The software also comes with appointment reminders and minimum notice periods, so your clients know exactly when their appointment is and how much time they have to change it. Our software makes it easy for you to track appointment history with each client, so you’ll be able to tell if clients have a history of cancelling, or if you can expect them to show up on time. And each of our plans come with customer support, so you can address any technical problems that might come up in the process.

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