5 Tips On What To Include In An SMS Reminder

SMS reminders are a great way for businesses to either connect with their customers or alienate them. SMS reminders, like email advertisements, are often seen as spam. Here, I’m going to focus on what should be included in an SMS reminder so they come off as a valuable source of information instead of being deleted instantly.

  1. 1. Be Aware of Trigger Words

You want customers to see an SMS reminder and feel like they need to open it. Trigger words can be used to give the message a sense of urgency; however, when done wrong, they can encourage customers to delete the text immediately. Some words and phrases to avoid in an SMS reminder are “Earn extra cash”, “As seen on” or “This isn’t spam”. Instead, use trigger words by paying closer attention to the adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and pronouns you use to create actionable, personalized messages for customers who might look at your SMS reminder with a sense of skepticism.

2. Get Right to the Point

Customers also see SMS reminders as a quick way for businesses to reach out to them. One way to ensure customers actually read your reminders is by simplifying the message. They should get right to the point without going off subject. If a reminder looks like a giant wall of text, customers won’t read it. One way to avoid writing too much is by giving yourself a hard word or character count. If you go into SMS reminders with the mindset that you can’t go over a certain number of words or characters, you’re going to make sure that only what’s most essential will be included.

3. Personalize Messages

Personalized customer experience is essential in today’s world. Businesses are offering customers new ways of reaching out, so every channel has to ensure a personalized experience every single time. This can be done by using a customer’s name in the reminder. In some cases, it’s absolutely essential. For example, if your customers order something from you online and sign up for shipping updates,  the reminder must include their name and address. It can be as simple as, “Dear [customer’s name], this is [company] letting you know your package is on its way to [address].” When the customer opens the reminder, they’ll see their name, who the message is from instead of just a number, and the address the package is being delivered to.

4. Don’t Spam Customers with Reminders

Timing is everything. If you wait too long in between reminders, customers will forget about you, or wonder if you forgot about them. If you send too many reminders, they’ll wonder why you won’t leave them alone. There has to be a balance between sending reminders and waiting for customers to respond. This way, you can maximize your customer retention rate and ultimately recharge your growth strategy. If you’re a retail owner and you want to bring in customers for a big sale weekend, it makes sense to send SMS marketing messages one month, a week and a day prior to the event. If customers keep receiving texts every single day for a month, they’ll stop paying attention to the reminders and unsubscribe.

5. Send Confirmations

The nice thing about confirmations is that they can be tracked and monitored. This helps to avoid confusion and no-shows. There are times where people press the wrong button during a payment or click the wrong time slot for an appointment. This could cause conflicts, but with confirmation messages cna be easily avoided.


SMS reminders are a great way for businesses to reach out to their customers quickly and easily. They can be used simply as reminders or confirmations. SMS reminders are a quick and actionable solution for businesses that want to keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis. The great thing about them is that they can help businesses in a wide range of areas, so small businesses can, and should, take advantage of them.

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