Accessible Appointment Scheduling in Higher Education | 10to8 Webinar

Earlier this year, we unveiled the revolutionary 10to8 Accessibility Suite that makes the process of booking appointments accessible for everyone. 

In this webinar, we discuss the importance of accessible appointment scheduling to coordinate with students and members of faculty in higher education. 

19% of undergraduate students have reported having a disability while attending university. What’s more shocking is that 80% of university websites have an accessibility score of under 5 out of 10. (02:21)


So, how have universities been making use of 10to8?

Lakehead University uses 10to8 for global student recruitment allowing them to book virtual appointments with members of staff based on their availability. They currently have an incredibly low no-show rate in comparison to the industry average. (03:20)

Whilst University of Alberta implemented 10to8 for scheduling high volumes of COVID tests for students and staff thereby ensuring complete safety for everyone affiliated to the university.  


What does the 10to8 Accessibility Suite offer? 

  • Omnichannel accessible patient booking system
  • WCAG-compliant and screen reader-friendly booking pages 
  • Omnichannel accessible reminders 


Next, watch a quick demo of how our AI powered voice booking system functions. (10:43)

With 10to8’s automated voice booking system, you can ensure that your students can book appointments regardless of their age, technical aptitude, or abilities. 

If you have any further questions about the 10to8 appointment booking system, get in touch with us via, or call +44 740 108 1020 today.


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