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Understanding & Improving Quality Score | The AdWords Series

Your AdWords Quality Score is centric to the success of your campaigns. As far as Google is concerned quality is kind of a big deal; if you understand and achieve high Quality Scores, then you’ll be filled with an overwhelming sense of joy.

Your AdWords Quality Score is centric to the success of your campaigns. As far as Google is concerned quality is kind of a big deal. Click To Tweet

Quality Scores influence how well your AdWords campaigns perform, a higher Quality Score will usually mean that you’ll spend less and as a result witness great success in front of your very own eyes. Who doesn’t want that?



What is Quality Score?

In short, Quality Score is Google’s rating of the relevance of your keywords, PPC ads, and campaign landing page on your website.

Quality Score is a numerical value which is assigned to a keyword ranging from 1 being the lowest through to 10 being the highest. This rating is in-turn used to determine your Cost Per Click (CPC), the higher the score the less you’ll pay, and of course, in contrast, the lower the score the more you’ll pay. The image below really highlights the associated costs;

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To summarize here are the 4 key factors that influence Quality Score;

  1. Keyword relevancy to its AdGroup
  2. Landing page quality and relevancy
  3. The relevancy of your ad copy
  4. Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

With Google’s Quality Score algorithm it’s difficult to say which of the above is most important, however, what we do know is that it’s weighted more towards Click-Through-Rate.

Having said this, there is a strong correlation between all factors, for instance, if you improve the relevancy of your ad copy, then there is a good chance that you will also increase your CTR’s. Therefore, best practice would be to dedicate time to equally address and improve each factor.  


How To See Your Quality Score

Within AdWords navigate to ‘Keywords’ and then select ‘Columns’. From here select ‘Quality Score’ and select the key metrics which include ‘Qualiry Score’, ‘Ad Relevance’, and ‘Landing page exp’.

adwords quality score appointment scheduling software


Once you apply these changes your current keyword Quality Scores will be displayed within your account. This will provide invaluable insight, as you will be unable to understand areas when you can and should improve.

adwords quality score appointment scheduling software 2



Landing Page Experience

The makeup of a great landing page to improve Quality Score;

  • Easy to navigate
  • Fully responsive on any advice
  • Has a clear purpose and call-to-action
  • Repeats the campaign keyword

If we take a look at our campaign landing page for the search term Free Online Booking System then you can see that it has a clear purpose with strong call-to-actions, such as a button to ‘Get Started Free’ and an enter email address field to further entice visitors to join free.

adwords quality score online booking system

Looking further at the page, you can see that it includes the keyword ‘Free Online Booking System’ within the H1 (the first title on the page), and within the H2 (the second title) shown within the copy which is also original.

With a clear and strong call-to-action, purpose, coupled with a good UX and navigation, you can start to understand the autonomy of a good PPC landing page.


Ad Copy Relevancy

It’s good practice to have at least 3 different ad variants for each campaign, as of course, this will provide valuable feedback with regards to which ad copy performs best.

Take into account that unless you select to evenly rotate ads, Google will give preference to ads automatically that achieve the highest CTR.

Remember to use callout and sitelink extensions, as obviously, this is just another opportunity to increase the CTR of your ads.

When it comes to writing the ad, it’s good practice to repeat the search term back to a prospective customer conducting their search on Google.

For example, the below is an example of an ad for the search term ‘Appointment Booking System’, note how the search term is repeated at least twice within the copy.

adwords quality score online booking system 2


The above ad will then also take visitors to a campaign landing page for ‘Appointment Booking System’, notice how, keyword, ad copy, and landing page experience are closely joined up and related and go hand-in-hand when improving Quality Score.



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