How to deal with bookings – 21st Century style

If you’ve never heard about 10to8 before, firstly – where have you been? And secondly: you’ll thank me later 🙂 I had to cancel an appointment with the chiropractor the other day. Simple thing to do, or so I thought. Here’s how it really went: Click To Tweet
  • Google phone number – dial the number
*ringing* *Still ringing…* Got the automated voice message saying I’m the 5th person in the queue “We’ll be with you shortly” – they said. 7 minutes later, I got through! “Hi, this is Betty, how can I help?” Me: Hi, I’d like to… Betty: Do you need an appointment? Me: No, I just need to cancel one. Betty: Ok, can you give me your full name, address, National Insurance Number, last digits of your phone number and your great grandparents maiden name and their shoe size? (Ok, she might not have asked the latter).
  • After giving Betty all my details (or the ones I could remember):
Betty: When was your appointment, date and time, what was the practitioners name, what was the appointment for and why can’t you attend? Me: I…I don’t know the doctor’s name and I can’t attend because I’m stuck at work. Betty: Ok, I can’t find your record with the name you provided, can you spell first, second, middle and surname please? Me: Sure. S. I. L. V. Betty: Oh I found it! Do you want to reschedule? Me: Yes please, preferably for Tues… Betty: Ok no. It seems that your doctor can only take appointments from October. Me: October it is then! Betty: What time would you like? Me: The first available. Betty: That would be October 28th at 9 am. Me: I’ll take it! Betty: Oh no, wait… Don’t hang up, I need to put you on hold. *Justin Bieber singing: ‘sorry’ – Oh great…* *Justin’s still here* *Still here* Does this song ever end? Betty: Hi, thanks for waiting. It seems that I was booking an appointment for someone else *giggles* can you spell your full name again? Me: Nevermind Betty, I’ll try to make it to my first scheduled appointment.   Betty, you’re great, but there’s a much, much easier way to do this without long phone calls, and especially, without Justin Bieber. For all the Bettys out there, – there’s 10to8. With 10to8, if I want to cancel, I’ll just get my phone, look for the SMS or email reminder I was sent, click on the link provided in the text message, cancel and reschedule the appointment choosing from the available slots. Easy peasy. Betty can then choose to approve my new appointment, and/or reply to my booking message! This is all done with 2-way chat without being put on hold or the long wait, in just a click or two. Betty has more time to do other things, and I don’t need to spend the day humming ‘is it too late now to say sooorry’! Side note: This is now stuck in your head too, huh? Get started today Bettys!

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