Back To School With 10to8 | Webinar

Start the new academic year smoothly! In our latest webinar, we share tips on how to customize your 10to8 class scheduling software account to fit the hybrid model best. Arrange in-person and virtual appointments with your students and keep everybody on the same page.


New class scheduling software features

This summer we’ve been busy developing new features that will help you schedule classes, book 1-to-1 tuitions, arrange student counseling sessions, and run exams. Learn more about the following features:

  • Class booking & attendance tracking
  • SAML SSO security & booking limitation feature
  • Microsoft Teams native integration
  • Google Classroom native integration


Coming-soon student scheduling feature

Watch the recording and discover what’s next for 10to8 student scheduling software. The new 10to8 platform with all of its functions will help your students become better organized and so reduce missed appointments in your institution.  See how the feature works and how to make the most of it.


How to take appointments in the hybrid university setup?

We created a guide to help you customize your 10to8 account for a mixture of virtual and face-to-face appointments. With three easy steps, you can make sure that your institution is ready for the hybrid schedule:

  1. Connect your tools: set up calendar sync, video conferencing apps, and other integrations.
  2. Organize your services: group appointment types by their locations or create multiple booking pages for students to schedule virtual and in-person appointments.
  3. Set up service-based reminders: automate different reminders for video calls and in-person services to remind your students of what type of appointment they will need to attend.

We dig into more details in the Back To School webinar – watch it now and download the slides!





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