Branding is Basic – Free is Free

Branding is basic nowadays. When somebody signs up for our free appointment scheduling software, one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘What’s the difference between the Free and the Basic Plan?’

The answer is ‘Branding’

You might make light of branding, but it should be key for all businesses, big or small, and every business inbetween.  Nowadays there’s huge noise in marketing and you might find it hard to push through your brand’s message. One of the easiest way to do so, is by creating a memorable online booking page.

By writing an appealing business description and uploading a great cover picture of yours (or finding a free stock photo online) is a step in the right direction to designing a remarkable booking page. But the logo makes the biggest difference beyond any doubt. Since a good logo is simple and tied to one brand, it aims to get stuck in the back of our head and makes it easier to remember the brand itself.

Using your logo is a subtle way to make your business website unforgettable. So you don’t want to mess it up with other companies’ logos. Click To Tweet At the moment, if you are on the Free Plan with 10to8, your online booking page has our logo on it too.Your booking page is a terrific opportunity for us to advertise our free appointment scheduling app by showcasing what a stunning booking site you can create with it. It is less useful for you, as you have another company’s logo on your website.

Another thing is SMS reminders. Email and text message reminders are included in the Free Plan too, but you cannot customize the text of the message you send out. Which is a pity, because you could include something specific to your business, if you could change the text. But you can’t, if you are on the Free Plan.


When to upgrade to the Basic Plan?

If you are a tiny business, that doesn’t aim to improve and grow in the future, then the Free Plan is enough for you. Nevertheless, if you have big goals with your business, are full of ideas, and foresee a promising future, then you definitely need branding, thus you need to upgrade. After you upgraded to the Basic Plan or higher, our logo will automatically disappear from your booking page. And you will be able to write your own text messages, finally.

The Free Forever Plan is great, you can achieve plenty with it. But if you feel that your business idea is worth more than a Free Forever Plan,take a moment and check out our pricing.

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