Is Your Calendar Holding You and Your Business Back?

A Calendar should help you map activities to your overall strategy, they should help you establish the right cadence of marketing messages, and they should give your entire company visibility into the amazing work that you do.

Unfortunately, many calendars just aren’t up to the task. Calendar management should be easier and a calendar should do a lot more than saving dates. Here are four signs that your calendar is holding you back:

  1. You have more than one calendar

Be honest, between Google Calendars, your daily planner, the business book… how many “calendars” does your business really need? When you schedule an appointment with a client, can you instantly tell whether it overlaps with the rest of your weekly schedule? And what about your staff schedule?

If you need to check each staff member’s calendars, the business calendar, and even personal events, then you’re wasting valuable time. This also can cause problems when you’re dealing with clients, which brings another calendar into the equation.

  1. You are using passive calendars

Your calendar is supposed to help you plan your activities. Traditional online calendars are great at tracking what you think is going on, but they leave you to do the hard work of digesting emails, chasing up clients and reminding people to turn up.

While one part of a calendar’s job is to help you record things, if you can’t use your calendar for the rest of the tasks, then you won’t end up using it at all, because of course, most things need to be manually added by yourself in order to keep the calendars up-to-date.

  1. Double bookings and no-shows are common terms for you

People like to see things in a visual way, which is one of the reasons why we use calendars to plan. We often find that once you’ve laid everything out on a calendar, gaps and possible overlaps become significantly easier to spot.

But the main problem comes when you try to manage multiple calendars for different things:

  • Clients book with you on a specific calendar without realizing that you’re busy with a personal event.
  • You book an appointment for a staff member and end up cancelling at the last minute because you can’t see the staff members calendar.
  • You end up with a high no-shows rate because your calendar doesn’t remind clients about the appointment time

Your calendar should allow you and your staff members to find everybody’s past, current, and planned appointments or events in a single place.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve created a list of time management tips that can help you fix this:

  1. Use only one calendar and sync it with the rest.
  2. Share your calendar with all other staff members to be able to see everyone’s availability.
  3. Use a calendar that updates the information for you and throw away your paper book.
  4. Offer an online schedule for clients to book from your available slots.
  5. Find a calendar that presents your business data in meaningful buckets–such as filtering by appointment types, customer types, staff, location.
  6. Set automated appointment reminders to be sent with enough time for the client to reschedule or cancel.
  7. Make sure your calendar syncs with external platforms such as patient management notes, third-party online calendars or payment gateways – to reduce admin tasks.
  8. Plan ahead – the time you spend thinking ahead and planning your activities is trivial compared with the time you’ll lose jumping from one thing to the next.
  9. Use the 80-20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle. This rule states that 80% of the efforts comes from 20 percent of the results. Identify the 20 percent of the efforts that are producing 80 percent of the results and scale that out. You should use a calendar that provides business tracking and analysis to identify this.
  10. Schedule email response times.
  11. Take care of yourself – block time for exercise and family

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