Case Study: Local Tax Office To Nationwide

Everybody needs financial advice and thanks to the demand, there’s no lack in financial advisories. Clients have a big pool of experts to choose from, so how to stand out from the crowd?

First of all, you need to be trustworthy, reliable, and indeed an expert in finances. However, there’s one other important thing: your business needs to be easy to find and convenient to work with.

Now meet Howard Tax Preparation Services, who managed to scale up their business from local to nationwide. How they did it? Here it comes!

Now meet Howard Tax Preparation Services, who managed to scale up their business from local to nationwide. How they did it? Here it comes! Click To Tweet

The company was facing a serious problem: the inefficiency of going back and forth with clients trying to find a date that worked for both parties, this took so much time and effort that help became much needed.

They were looking for affordable meeting scheduling software that helped with online bookings, integrated with all of the staff members’ calendars and sent out automated reminders to clients. That’s when 10to8 financial advisor software came into view, as it did all the above and more.

“I have had a reduction in missed appointments because of the automated text & email reminders.” – says Trudy Howard.

Not only have the rate of no-shows dropped after introducing 10to8, but the time spent during the booking process, along with client appointment administration, which has also reduced significantly.

“Now they can see my availability and book a time that works for them.”

Howard Tax Prep took steps in order to grow, they created their very own 10to8 online booking page where they can showcase all of their services without limitation. The staff’s calendars are synced into 10to8, thus they can avoid double-bookings, miscommunications, and confusion. With 500+ integrations they can find the ones they need and set them up in just minutes, what’s more, they can also take online payments at the point of booking via PayPal or Stripe.

Trudy has achieved more than she would have imagined at the beginning:

“I’ve expanded my local tax business into a nationwide tax service.”

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