Case Study: Mental Health Professionals Who Became The Victims Of Their Own Success

In this article you will meet three counselors and psychotherapist who all have one thing in common: they use the same mental health software to grow their practices and make their life easier. James, Suzie and Stephen faced similar problems when expanding their respective private practices.

“I am a psychotherapist who was becoming a victim of my success, in that I was spending so much time on clinic administration that I couldn’t expand my actual client hours. 10to8 offered a small but growing business like mine the opportunity to access and try out an online booking and administration facility without committing financially until I’m big enough. I loved this proactive and supportive approach to small businesses.” – says Stephen when talking about the problems he had before introducing appointment booking system to his business.

I am a psychotherapist who was becoming a victim of my success, in that I was spending so much time on clinic administration that I couldn't expand my actual client hours. Click To Tweet

James has been running a successful private therapist practice for over 20 years’ and has contributed to several professional publications, however, finding the suitable mental health software was a struggle for him.

“I liked the way I could try it out for free, and I could use the various options to make it fit my business’ needs – for example, adjusting the reminder system, putting my own text into the booking process, and blocking out holidays.”

Suzie was recommended 10to8 and now the software saves her a great deal of time and makes her counselling practice appear more professional.

“With clients quite often having busy schedules it can be quite time-consuming to send messages backwards and forwards trying to arrange a mutually convenient appointment . 10to8 saves that time.”

Doing everything on your own is extremely hard and often results in extended working hours, messed up work-life balance, and the dream-job can soon become the cemetery of your dreams.

“I had been running a fairly busy counselling/psychotherapy practice without office administration staff.  This meant that on a daily basis I had to respond to several requests for appointments. I was looking for an online booking system so that clients could see my availability and book themselves.  Such a system would also enable me to refer clients to it and therefore cut out several emails or phone calls.”

James lists the 3 most obvious ways that 10to8 benefited him:

“First, it has dramatically cut down the amount of booking administration I am involved in. Clients can choose an appointment slot, and book and be reminded without any involvement from me at all.  And although some still want to book in the traditional way, they soon become familiar with the booking process once I enter their details on the site and send them the first appointment confirmation.  It also makes it easy for clients to change their own appointments.

Second, it has dramatically cut down the number of no-shows. The reminders really do help bring them to their appointments.  

Third, it has helped financially as more clients are regularly turning up and paying.”

They all benefited from the 10to8 appointment booking system. Suzie was able to quit her job to fully focus on her successful and profitable private practice. James has an organized and full calendar, thus his clinic can be around for another 20 years’. Stephen’s business is quickly growing, and he’s getting more popular:

“I have expanded my practice to four locations and now I am planning a training arm to my business.”

If you too are struggling with running your counseling or psychotherapy practice and want to reduce admin time, avoid no-shows and grow your business, then sign up for the Free Plan and experience the same positive change as Suzie, James and Stephen.

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