How 10to8 Helps Complementary Healthcare Professionals

“I’m 64 years old and I’m suffering from calcification. My neck and spine are very sore, so I visit my chiropractor every couple of weeks.”

Peter has retired a few months ago, but he’s still working in his vinery. He has a busy schedule, which is partly fixed but he has ad hoc programs, like wine tastings too.

“One of my dearest friends recommended me his chiropractor and since I didn’t see any harm of trying it, I called him and booked an appointment. Since then, I became a regular client of his.”

Since Peter’s schedule varies, he doesn’t have a fixed day, he always books a suitable time slot when he has a brief idea about his week. His chiropractor, Sanyi used to take bookings only over the phone, but when a big auto factory moved to town more and more people with back pain started to discover Sanyi’s golden hands.


“About a year ago, it got very hard to reschedule appointments with Sanyi. I couldn’t reach him on the phone because he was so busy, and when I could finally chase him down, he was already booked for weeks. It actually crossed my mind to look for another chiropractor. When he told me, that he was going to introduce therapist scheduling software in his practice, it made sense.”

Peter now finds it much easier to manage his bookings. It saves lots of time for Sanyi too, since he doesn’t have to deal with phone calls all day.

“10to8 scheduling software was a game-changer for me. I was getting way to well-known around town, to be able to manage my calendar on my own. I realized that clients find it difficult to reach me and was worried about losing them.” Click To Tweet

Sanyi now rents a bigger venue and works together with a physiotherapist and another chiropractor. With 10to8 therapist scheduling software they can create multiple rooms. Each room has their own calendar view, so they can always see what appointments are due to take place in each respective room.

With 10to8 you can book recurring appointments with ease. Once booked the client will receive a notification and individual reminders for their appointments. From each received message they will be able to access the appointment management page forthat specific booking and from that page they can, send you a message, amend the booking or cancel it.

“You know, I’m 64, and sometimes I feel like my brain was calcified too. It is just nice that I don’t have to remember my appointments at all, because I always get a reminder.”

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