How To Use As Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to drive the most traffic ever to your website? Of course, you are! You’ve done some reading on what your content marketing strategy should look like and you’re familiar with the biggest SEO trends of 2019. Your blog editorial calendar is packed full of the best article ideas and you can’t wait to see more new users on your blog than ever before.

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But how are you going to achieve this huge boost in traffic? Have you considered broadening your horizons by republishing content on third-party websites?

By republishing your content on a third-party platform you can boost website traffic and drive new users to your blog. When these new users arrive at your blog, they might look around and check out a couple of landing pages on your website, which can result in conversions.

Of course, not everybody is ready to convert immediately, but you can target remarketing campaigns at website visitors to re-engage them. Republishing content is also a good way to increase reach and brand awareness.

There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to republishing, but our favorite is Medium.


Why Medium? is a publishing platform where people can read articles from the most insightful thought-provoking content from writers, and storytellers from all around the world. The site was founded by Eve Williams, former CEO and co-founder of Twitter in 2012 and since then it’s been expanding rapidly.

How many visitors does your present content marketing strategy bring in monthly? Medium has an estimated  180 million visitors a month. These readers are highly engaged with the content published here and they come back to the site regularly.

If you’ve just launched a new blog or you want to attract new visitors for your blog, Medium is a great platform to share your content.

We often mention, that having a 10to8 online booking page for your business means more exposure for your services. Medium basically does the same thing for your content and so your own website; you can reach a wider engaged audience, an audience which may return to your blog for more great content.

Have I mentioned that it’s free? That’s right, you can publish articles for free and in the easiest possible way: by copy-pasting the URL of your existing article.

So what if you just have a very basic website without a blog section? No worries, you can use Medium as your blog and drive traffic from there to your website or your online booking page.

Are you convinced yet that Medium is the way to go? Okay, so let me persuade you that it’s very simple to utilize and integrate with your content marketing strategy too.


How to build in Medium into your 2019 content marketing strategy?

I’ve found three purposes that Medium suits perfectly. One is obviously (re)sharing content to reach a wider audience. Secondly, you can research new ideas and thirdly, connect with other content creators.


The benefits are quite self-explanatory here: a new and broader audience to reach, increase brand awareness, website traffic and possibly conversions. In the long run this can positively affect SEO and visibility too.

Publishing articles here is very straight-forward. You just either need to click on your profile and select ‘Write story’ from scratch or head to ‘Stories’ and click the ‘Import a story’ button to insert an existing post from URL. The latter will copy the whole article with links, however, you will be able to make changes before publishing it. Formatting options are a bit limited, so you won’t get lost in the jungle of different styling tools, but rest assured that everything you need will be at your service.

Images are not copied from the original blog post, you’ll have to add them manually by going to a new line, and hitting ‘+’ then selecting the camera icon. Keep in mind that the featured image you want to use also has to be included because uploading a new featured image is not supported.

Articles are published immediately, but if a post doesn’t meet Medium’s guidelines it will be flagged. This ensures that only quality content appears on the site.

Tip: use URLs with UTM parameters in the article, so you will be able to better track traffic coming from here. You can also check out Medium’s built-in statistics.

content marketing strategy Medium stats 2

content marketing strategy Medium stats

Image Source: Medium Support

Content discovery

There are hundreds if not thousands of stories being published every single day on Medium, and thus it’s a great place to get new ideas from and be inspired. You can follow profiles and even subscribe to blogs in order to not to miss out on new updates.

See what everybody’s buzzing about, what content engages readers the most and what trending topics should you too could cover that are relevant to your business. If you find a post helpful, why not share it with your social network? This will save you the time and effort of creating the content yourself.


Embarrassing or not, I just realized that Medium is great for networking. How so? You can research writers who cover topics relevant for your business and reach out to them to see, whether they would like to write something about you too or feature you in an existing article.

Most of the authors provide a link to their website or a Twitter handle, so discovering their email address or other forms of getting in touch is a piece of cake.

The goal of this is threefold. Firstly, again, saving time by making others create content for you. Secondly, getting more exposure, as the author will probably share the article on their social network too. And thirdly, getting backlinks: if the article is a comparison guide, review or another kind of post that the author publishes on their own website, they most likely include a link pointing at your website and this can improve upon off-site SEO.


Now you understand how Medium could and should be utilized in your content marketing strategy in 2019. So head to and get started.


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