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How 10to8’s Coping With COVID-19 | An Announcement From Our CEO

The first thing I’d like to do is assure you that despite the COVID-19 outbreak, 10to8 continues to operate as normal. Our service is up and running, customers are supported, and we’re continuing our work to improve our scheduling system.

Like all businesses that operate ISO 27001, and some others that don’t, we maintain an up to date continuity plan: A plan that we can activate in the event of something highly disruptive that we use to ensure the business keeps running smoothly. Our plans include:

  • Making sure everyone has access to a secure environment to work from; including things like encrypted access to specific systems, a workspace free from prying eyes.
  • Access to the tools necessary to do our jobs such as our customer support software
  • Ensuring we can all communicate with each other over different channels (phone, hangouts, skype, etc.) and that they all work.
  • Hosting our systems on robust, stable, global platforms.
  • Finally, that the business has plans for significant absentees in case any of us get ill or have to look after a family member full time.


To protect the safety of our staff and our families we have been working from home since last Friday. It wasn’t a requirement from the UK government, where most of us are based, but we took the decision anyway.

We did this for a few reasons, but the most important is that we can do so easily. Our continuity plans are tested regularly and we often have days when the entire company will work remotely. We know that we can run 10to8 whilst working from home. We also know that regular contact with large numbers of people can help spread the virus; so we decided to work from home – it was the right thing to do.

It’s all very well in theory, but in practice, as a company, we’ve only ever done this for a couple of days in a row. So far, so good – regular video calls with the entire team, regular communication online and being helpful remotely all work well. There was one unexpected thing: Hiring.

We’re mid-way through the process of hiring and onboarding several new employees to help us grow. These new people are being welcomed to the team but they can’t come into the office! It’s a challenge. Not in the least because whilst some of these lovely people have started already, others are going through the interview process at the moment.

It turns out that when you have documented processes for everything, including new joiners, and them actually being in the office is not 100% necessary… We’d love to see people face-to-face, and we’re looking forward to being able to do it again, but it turns out that we can even hire, train, onboard staff remotely when absolutely necessary.

So until some future time, the 10to8 team is working remotely. You shouldn’t notice any difference in our service provision. In fact, as we bring more people on board you should see us getting better and better, faster and faster.

The 10to8 team is working remotely. You shouldn’t notice any difference in our service provision. Click To Tweet

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Matthew Cleevely founded 10to8 with a few friends to help simplify managing bookings and make the world a little bit more organized. He helps out where needed across the business in strategy, accounting, finance, compliance, fundraising, and people.

Outside of 10to8 he works with a wide range of high growth businesses to help them achieve their goals. He's also got an MEng in Engineering from Oxford and MPhil in Economics from Cambridge.

Matthew Cleevely

Chief Executive Officer, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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