6 Tips To Create Perfect Ad Banners

When you are a sole trader, you need to do almost everything on your own or with very little help. Advertising is one of the cornerstones of being successful, and social media is a great host for sponsored content. 10to8 online scheduling is all about helping businesses grow;creating awesome ad designs plays a big part in creating a memorable brand. So come, join Anna on the journey of creating dazzling ad banners. We’ll have 6 stops and at the end you’ll be able to make the most of your campaigns - at least creative-wise. Click To TweetSo come, join Anna on the journey of creating dazzling ad banners. We’ll have 6 stops and at the end you’ll be able to make the most of your campaigns – at least creative-wise.  
  1. The perfect image

An easy one you think, huh? Usually this is the most time-consuming part for me, since I usually have a very clear idea of what I want to see. It can be quite frustrating. But the first tip is: never settle for less than perfect. If you don’t like the image, working with it will be a pain in the neck. Are you a photographer? Well, then good for you (and I hate you a bit), use your own work when creating banners. For the less fortunate, there are plenty of stock photo sites out there with stunning collections, but if you can’t afford to subscribe, use a site that offers free photos for commercial use, like Pexels or Unsplash. online-scheduling-design-tips-1     I chose this picture. It is simple but has great possibilities.  

2. Φ

Here’s your new best friend, Phi. Phi is the 21st letter in the Greek Alphabet. A.k.a golden ratio or golden mean. Still not very clear? It’s okay, bare with me, I’ll explain more soon. Golden ratio is used in math and defines a section, the golden section, which forms at the intersection of two vertical and two horizontal lines, drawn in an equal distance from each other. It is easiest to showcase on a picture. The image above is almost perfectly centered. And that’s why it is so boring. I’m half asleep by just looking at it. online-scheduling-design-tips-2   Let’s do some cropping, and it already looks less boring. I drew on the golden guidelines, place your objects along these lines and put the focus item (a call-to-action, logo, text etc.) at the intersection points marked with X. I’m going to put text here.  

3. The size matters

At least in advertising. Most social media platforms have a recommended image size. Always use that! If you don’t your ad might get rejected or perform badly, because you didn’t stick to the right size. The same may even be true if your image is deemed to consist of too much text, butwe’ll cover this later. My image is 1200x628 pixels big. This is the recommended Facebook size. Also, don’t be lazy, create one for your Instagram feed (1080x1080 px) and Instagram Story (900x1600 px). Yes, I’m aware that other dimensions work too, and Story placement is available for those pictures too, but trust me on this one and always use the recommended image size. You’ll see the change on impressions and reach.  

4. Use matching colors

Just because Photoshop offers you all the colors, it doesn’t mean, that you have to use all of them. At 10to8 online scheduling, we have a document that contains the HEX color codes of our brand. So I try to stick with them. But if they look silly on a picture, then I can always amend. To find perfectly matching colors, I always use the Adobe color wheel. You pick your main color in the middle, then select the prefered color harmony on the left, and your color codes are ready to use, both in RGB and HEX. I often use triad, complementer and compound color harmony options, because they give the most interesting result. But it’s up to you. I recommend using not more then 3 main colors, apart from your image’s colors. online-scheduling-design-tips-3   If you are an Adobe subscriber, you can upload your image, the software analyzes it, and tells you what colors to use.  

5. Use matching fonts

I love fonts. I mean, I wish I could have all the fonts in the world and more. No matter how much I love fonts, I never use more than 2 on a creative: an interesting one and a boring one. The first, to catch attention, the second to provide information or call to action. online-scheduling-design-tips-4   Scheduling Tool is just to catch attention and tell people what this ad is for, ‘Join Free!’ is an actionable expression, that also gives information: you can click here and sign up without putting in credit card details. If you’re not a big fan of handwritten fonts, you can still trawl around Google fonts and find the matching letter design for your brand. So if you click on a letter design in Google fonts, at the bottom of the page, you can see font types that go with it. Cool, huh?  

6. Please, don’t be wordy, don’t use to much text on your banner, because this could cause bad performance and also, quite annoying.

You get what I mean, don’t you? First of all, Facebook doesn’t allow more than 20% text. Don’t worry though, you can check this using the image text check tool from Facebook. Second of all, you don’t have time to push through a long message. When people scroll down their feed, they won’t spend more time on your ad then 0.5 second. So don’t write a novel. Tell what your product is (Scheduling Tool) and use a call-to-action (Join Free!) to make people do something you want. And most importantly: never ever lie! It’s not only unethical but hurts your brand’s image and your ads can be marked as spam.These tips can be used on every design, not only on ad banners. Keep them in mind when creating your website or choosing a cover photo for your booking page. You see? 10to8 is not only about online scheduling! We would like to help you fulfill your professional dream. So if you liked this article, feel free to share it with someone who needs some design advice. And maybe leave a comment and let us know what would you like to read about next.

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