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How Do You Schedule Efficiently?

 How do you schedule efficiently in 2019? Nowadays, we’re all rushing somewhere, to work, to a doctor’s appointment, to a meeting or to pick up the kids from school. Keeping your whole to-do-list for the day in your head is basically impossible, and let’s not even mention if you want to foresee your weekly agenda.

Pen and paper are simply not enough anymore, scheduling efficiently requires a good tool, preferably a cloud-based online scheduling tool.

The list of amazing calendar systems that can ease your life with enhanced scheduling options is endless, so how do you find the one that suits you? To help you with this, we put together this short guide about how to choose the right online scheduling tool and how to make the most of it.


How to find the best online scheduling tool?

Offers Calendar Sync & Integrations

Find an online scheduling tool, that fits into your daily routine, meaning that it integrates with the everyday apps you love and the calendars you use if you use one.

If your scheduling tool seamlessly integrates with other everyday popular apps , it will be much easier to get into the habit of using it regularly. Fortunately, it has never been this easy to sync all your apps via Zapier or Microsoft Flow. If you already use calendar apps such as Google, iCal, Exchange, Office 365 or, make sure that the new software you want to use has 2-way calendar sync, so you can see your schedule everywhere.

Works on any device

If you’re often out and about and you only have your phone with you, software that only works on a computer is not very helpful. Choose a cloud-based online scheduling tool that works on any device and operating system, so you can access your schedule whenever and wherever..

Has built-in reminders

Most online scheduling tools offer appointment reminders via email and SMS so you can rest assured that you’ll be reminded of the upcoming event.

This functionality is even more helpful if you involve more people in an appointment, as they will receive a notification too. Imagine that you have a meeting with an old friend or with a business partner, and you show up to the meeting, but they forgot about it. With reminders, you will be able to reduce the chance of these no-shows and spend your time more efficiently.

Compare pricing

This seems obvious, but the reason we’re mentioning it is that if you are not a hardcore appointment scheduler then you don’t need expensive software. Luckily, there are plenty of independent comparisons guides which can help you do this. GetApp, for example, can compare up to 5 online scheduling tools.

For less than a hundred bookings a month, you can use freemium software that is Free Forever.

online scheduling tool 


How to make the most of your online scheduling tool?

With these bonus tips, you will be able to schedule efficiently and rid yourself of wasted time:

  • Set up different appointment types and assign colors to them. This will help you see through your schedule by just glancing at it.
  • Set buffer time before and after the appointment, so if you are a bit late from one or traffic is heavier than you expected, you can use the buffer to make up for it.
  • Get others to make an actual booking with you. As funny as it might sound in some cases, this can be extremely helpful, as you bring the other person into your scheduling system, and make them stick to your schedule.

Start Taking Bookings Online

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