Fill Up Your 10to8 Booking Calendar With Appointments From Twitter

The 10to8 online scheduling tool integrates with hundreds of everyday apps via Zapier and Microsoft Flow. One of the most popular integrations is the 10to8 + Twitter Zap. By setting this up, a tweet will be created on your Twitter profile every time an appointment is booked with you through 10to8.

David from Big On Bikes shared with us why did he sync 10to8 with Twitter and how they benefit from it.

For David, it was essential, that his scheduling tool syncs with other apps, easy to build in to their website and Facebook business page, and still affordable.

The biggest advantage of this Zap is that it provides social proof about the popularity of your service, and in times when trust is at a historic low, it’s not something to take lightly.

“Booking a Bike service is usually done via a website page and people only look at that if they’re on your website, so tweeting that people are actually using it, builds confidence and awareness in the process.”

Tweeting that people are actually using your services, builds confidence and awareness in the process. Click To Tweet

If you take a look at Big On Bike’s Twitter profile, you’ll see, how popular they are. David told us, that they generated a fair amount of new customers by using this feature, and they set up the same Zap for their Facebook page as well, so those, who prefer Facebook over Twitter will still see social proof.

“It was dead easy, it only took about 10 minutes.” – he says when being asked about the set up of the integration.

This is how it looks by default, but you can always tweak it: you can include tags like @10to8ltd or hashtags relevant to your business, and of course the URL to your online booking page.

online scheduling tool twitter zap acatt

Set up the 10to8 + Twitter Zap here

online scheduling tool twitter zap

And this is how it looks on Facebook. Neat, isn’t it?

online scheduling tool facebook zap

Set up the 10to8 + Facebook Zap here

Social media is a great platform to promote your business, and promoting bookings can really help when it comes to building trust; it’s the perfect social proof! It’s an ideal opportunity to show how popular your business is.

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