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There are so many financial advisor software tools on the market that it can be difficult to decide which program to choose. In a busy financial advisory there’s simply no time to waste with trying out dozens of tools. That’s why we did the research for you and gathered four brilliant software tools to help your business grow.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that all of these will be a perfect fit for you, but rest assured that we rolled up our sleeves and dug deep to find the most popular programs.



RightCapital is easy to use financial and tax planning software with a broad feature set. The interface is beautifully designed, reports are simple, however, they still look stunning. Of course looks are not everything, but still, glancing up from boring paperwork to a stunning reporting platform is most certainly a plus.

When it comes to features, RightCapital delivers the essentials and more. You can create retirement plans using advanced Monte Carlo simulations. The program allows you to compare different drawdown strategies, use Roth conversions to fill up tax brackets, and thus save on taxes.

Furthermore, your clients will also benefit from this software as it helps them manage tax liability and monitor their income and outcome better with the easy to use budgeting tool.

Find the rest of the features and pricing on their website.


NaviPlan by Advicent

“NaviPlan is an incredibly detailed and versatile software by Advicent. It empowers firms to deliver services to any client. Thanks to the precise calculation engine and a wide range of functionality, both simple goal-based and advanced planning are easy as cake with NaviPlan.

This software has all the features you’ll ever need including comprehensive planning centered on detailed tax analysis, advanced estate planning, modeling various alternative plan scenarios, and an optional client portal.

Client onboarding is a breeze with NaviPlan, and with pre-built presentations, you can guide prospects through their financial picture and immediately demonstrate the value you can provide them. This visualization will help them better understand what they will get by committing to your services, which means excellent customer experience and retention.

With this software you’ll financial advisory will come across even more professional. To learn more about NaviPlan and request a free trial, click here.


Adaptive Insights

If you are looking for a powerful financial advisor software, Adaptive Insights business planning cloud is definitely something to check out. This tool is especially useful for bigger teams, as it helps with collaboration and more efficient decision making. Apart from financial advisors, sales teams can benefit from the program too, as it helps improve predictability and optimizing sales resources.

Everybody plans, but Adaptive Insights is for people who want to take planning to the next level. This software really is a cloud of features that make regular analysis and even ad-hoc reports easier. The software’s modeling and forecasting capabilities shorten cycle times by eliminating manual processes and allow you to engage more with your clients.

They also offer a generous trial with unlimited access to the entire application via a sample model.


eMoney Advisor

This wealth management software has a wide range of unmatched services and solutions to stay ahead of industry trends and meet clients’ evolving needs. eMoney Advisor has a great client portal and integrates with many financial technology tools. The digital lead capture and advice platform paired with the screen sharing option makes the software stand out from the crowd.

The advisor dashboard, great reporting platform, and needs analysis help you keep an eye on everything and will save you much time with its logical layout. What’s more, eMoney offers a free trial, so you can decide if their software is a good fit for you before you commit to a plan.


Meeting Scheduling Software

Financial and tax planning is not everything, you must know this. Managing client appointments and communication often makes the job more difficult than the financial consulting itself. This is why we complemented the list with meeting scheduling software.

Financial and tax planning is not everything, you must know this. Managing client appointments and communication often makes the job more difficult than the financial consulting itself. Click To Tweet

10to8 financial advisor software will free up the time that you are currently wasting with manual booking process. On your customized booking page, your clients can book their own appointments from your available slots, be it personal, phone or online consulting. Furthermore, they will be reminded automatically before the events, which will reduce the no-shows in your business and rid your schedule from time spent inefficiently.

10to8 is free forever for small businesses, and you can choose from multiple paid plans, along with bespoke pricing and feature set for bigger businesses.

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