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Brace yourself; Black Friday craze is nearly upon us! Black Friday is the last time before Christmas when sly businesses take a chance to boost their sales by announcing crazy promotions. The day after Thanksgiving was named by the Philadelphia Police Department and describes the increase in accidents and violence that they perceived on the last Friday before the official Christmas season. Big companies start to prepare for this gigantic shopping event months in advance. They have extensive teams of strategists, financial gurus, advertising geniuses and talented designers to put together a slashing Black Friday campaign. This is hard to beat if you are a sole trader. But no worries, you can count on us to help you with making the most of your Black Friday campaign. Here are some easy to follow tips & tricks and a couple of free banners to use on social media.  

Why run a Black Friday promotion?

Black Friday is in itself a very effective call-to-action. People are actually preparing for it, and keeping their eyes open to ensure that they don’t miss out on a great opportunity to save some money or at least buy something at a lower price. You might think that you can’t keep up with the big guys and it’s not even worth trying. The truth is, that you have an edge on big companies: you really know your customers. You don’t have to offer crazy 60%-70% discounts or reduce prices to the level where you face serious debt. A few percents off or a creative promotion can be just as effective. If you decide to run a Black Friday Sale, an increase in online appointment scheduling is granted. Lucky, that you have 10to8 free booking system to manage the increase in demand…  

Promotion ideas

You can run classic X% off promotions, where you offer a lower price on certain products or services for a limited time. If you choose this, you better offer at least 20% off, to maximize the impact of the campaign. An X+X deal (e.g. 2+1 or 3+1) can be very appealing, especially if you run a service-based business with loyal customers. This will show them that you don’t take them for granted and even though you’re sure they’ll come back, you make effort to retain them. This also means that you can rest assured that your calendar will be filled up and online appointment scheduling will be autonomous. If you’re still growing your business and your main goal is to attract new clients, you can come up with a ‘Bring Your Friend’ kind of promotion. Tell your existing customers that they can get a good deal for themselves and a friend too if they both book an appointment with you. If your budget is very limited, you can come up with a contest and draw one or two random people from those, who book an appointment with you for or on Black Friday. This will help you with exposure and engagement but won’t get you bankrupt. Feel free to be creative, but make sure that the promotion T&C’s are easy to understand.. Black Friday Banners online appointment scheduling  

Advertising Tips & Tricks

To rock Black Friday sales online, here are a couple of tips & tricks about what to pay attention to when setting up your campaigns.


Find the objective that goes best with your goal. If it is to drive clicks to your website then choose traffic or website clicks objectives. Likewise, if you want app installations, pair it with the right set up. On Facebook, conversion objective campaigns can work very well – if the pixel is implemented and the ads are set up in time. You can opt for the purchase pixel event but landing page view can be successful too. If you don’t have the pixel implemented yet, you still have time to set up and test it. My advice to you is to avoid reach, brand awareness and follower gain campaigns this time. Gathering fans or getting some extra engagement is a waste of money when you have a greater chance to drive sales.


Don’t leave setting up campaigns to the last minute! And this goes for all types of campaigns not only pixel-based ones. Black Friday is best when it only lasts for a day or at most the weekend, so you won’t have time to waste. Create your campaign, set up ad groups, and upload the ads at least 48 hours before the promotion is scheduled to start. In my experience, during Black Friday it takes a bit longer for ads to be approved on social, as you would expect.

The copy

The copy is almost as important as the creative you use. After prospective customers glance at the banner, they are likely to take a brief look at the ad copy too before deciding if they want to take further action or not. You have less than 3 seconds to push your message through, so write short, to the point copy. Start the copy with something like ‘Black Friday Sale’ or ‘#BlackFriday2018’ if you advertise on Twitter or Instagram where hashtags really count. By all means, include percentages or the type of promotion you run in an eye-catching way like ~ 50% OFF ~ or === 2+1 ==. You can also use emojis to make your ad stand out of the crowd more. And the most important thing: have a clear and actionable call-to-action such as ‘Book Now’, ‘Get Offer’ or ‘Sign Up Today’.

Design stunning banners

Easy to say, huh? Lucky for you, at 10to8 free booking system we’re not only good at online appointment scheduling we also try to help businesses grow as much as we can, so here are a couple of free banners that you can download and use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or wherever you wish to advertise and the dimensions fit. You can also edit the creatives if you have Adobe Photoshop. If you do edit them, consider including percentages and a call-to-action button. If you need more tips & tricks on how to design creatives, read this article on the topic. Download these free editable banners and boost your Black Friday sales! Click To Tweet

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