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Getting Started With WordPress 2019 Guide

So you’re looking to set up a new website? It’s likely if you are reading this article that you already believe that WordPress may be the best solution, and well, you would be right!

In this guide, we’ll cover everything that you will need to get started and help you to unleash the full power of WordPress to build the website of your dreams.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything that you will need to get started and help you to unleash the full power of WordPress to build the website of your dreams. Click To Tweet


Why WordPress?

There are many reasons as to why WordPress now powers 32% of websites globally, and today is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) for building websites, and we’ve gathered some of the reasons below;

It’s Free and Open Source

Arguably this is the number one reason why WordPress is so popular. The fact that it’s easy to ultimately fully customize. When you combine this with the fact that WordPress is free, then it becomes clear why WordPress is such a fantastic proposition.

There’s A Plugin For That

Plugins have been vital to WordPress’s continued rise in popularity and adoption. There are countless plugins available to install, for almost anything you could think of. Furthermore, most WordPress plugins seamlessly run autonomously, and overall make the job of running your website that much easier.


Themes like plugins are easy to install. The key difference is that a WordPress theme would typically be used for building, styling, and editing the front end of your website, normally with ease.

Themes also share another similarity with plugins, and that is the fact that there are thousands of them to choose from too. You can browse the WordPress Theme Directory, however, do also consider that there are also premium themes too.

Global Appeal and Ease Of Use

The fact that WordPress is available in over 62 languages gives it that global appeal and reach. Moreover, it really is easy to install and use. WordPress is also supported by major web hosting companies worldwide. Vs.

Before we begin it’s important that you first fully understand the difference between and

The key difference between the two is who is hosting your website and essentially all of its content. If you opt to use, then you will be hosting your own website, and will, therefore, need to find suitable web host if you have not already. Think as as more of a DIY solution, which will have it’s own benefits, such as more flexibility., in contrast, is certainly less technical in terms of setup and more of an all-in-one package. For instance, you will not require third-party web hosting as WordPress will host the website for you.

For the purpose of this guide, we will be looking at only.


WordPress Setup

The following guide will help you to understand and navigate the core components of WordPress with ease. Let’s begin.

Choose A Web Host

Before you even download and install WordPress you should first find a suitable web host, and they are not hard to find. Just simply Google ‘WordPress Hosting’ and you will be spoilt for choice.

It’s important to note that many WordPress web hosting providers will install WordPress for you at the click of a button such as the offering from or TSOHOST to name just two.

If you wish to you can also install WordPress manually yourself. However, if terms such as FTP unsettle you, then I would urge you not to, as this would be the more technical route. If you would like to install manually, then please refer to the WordPress manual setup guide.


The Dashboard

Now the fun begins, as you’ll now be within WordPress. Whenever you log-in you should be greeted by the dashboard as shown below.

getting started with WordPress 2019 Guide

The dashboard will present you with an overview of your website. Information displayed here will typically include news about available updates, however, you will also be able to see any draft posts and any recent comments that your visitors may have left.



Now the magic can happen. Under ‘Appearance’ you will be able to browse and install a theme that you would like to use for building and stying your very own website.

getting started with WordPress 2019 guide

Remember, as highlighted earlier, there are thousands of themes out there to choose from, so take your time to compare, and if selecting a premium theme then always try before you buy if possible.



Like themes, there are countless plugins available. Below are just some examples of what plugins can do;

  • Protect your website from hackers and spam
  • Help you to learn basic SEO
  • Help you to create a range of contact forms
  • Convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers
  • Improve your website speed and performance

These are just some examples, of course, the list is seemingly endless.

getting started with WordPress 2019 guide

To add a new plugin simply select ‘Plugins’ and then ‘Add New’ from the menu as illustrated above. Moving forward you can of course, also manage existing plugins in the form of updating, deactivating, and removing via the ‘Plugins’page.



Once you’ve installed your theme then you’ll likely want to get started on your homepage. Before you do, however, there is just one last step. Navigate to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Reading’ to set which page or post you would like to be your homepage.

getting started with WordPress 2019 guide



Permalinks is another important factor which is sometimes overlooked. By default, your WordPress post and page URL’s will be rather ugly, and certainly not SEO friendly in 2019.

getting started with WordPress 2019 guide

We would highly recommend navigating to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Permalinks’, and choosing post name, which will give you a clean URL structure.



The ‘Media’ section within your WordPress dashboard is as the name suggests where all of your media will be stored, which includes, images, videos, PDF’s, and more. You can upload supported files from your computer here by simply selecting ‘Add New’.

getting started with WordPress 2019 guide

The Media section will also allow for you to add files by including an existing link if your file already exists and is hosted elsewhere.

A bonus tip here: the WordPress media editor which can be accessed by selecting an asset in the library and then ‘Edit Image’. The editor has some features which not all folks are aware of, such as the ability to crop, resize, and scale images all within WordPress!

getting started with WordPress 2019 guide

In summary, WordPress is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to build your new website. With enhanced functionality in the way of plugins for almost everything and anything, coupled with themes that will allow you to create a new website using visual builders, it’s clear to see why over 32% of the internet is powered by WordPress.


Have you used our tips or built your own website using WordPress? Feel free to let us know and maybe show off your own website in the comments.

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