Google’s AI Can Now Book Appointments Over The Phone

Google’s shown off a new capability to book things like a hair cut or beauty appointment. They can get an AI (fake) person to talk to a hair salon on your behalf and put bookings straight into your diary.

It’s a pretty amazing technology, but understandably some people are finding it a little creepy The demo seems to miss, amongst other things is the cost that it could impose on the people actually running the hair salon where the booking is placed.

Service providers like ours are busy, overwork and constantly interrupted. They don’t want more calls from customers unless they give them a chance to talk to their real life customers.

A lot of them couldn’t imagine anything worse than stopping what they’re doing, putting in effort to providing great customer service, only to find out they were talking to a machine.

As ever with Google they’ve produced an amazing technology. We can’t wait to play with it to see if we can get it to work for the businesses we serve to make people's’ lives better. Click To Tweet

Matthew Cleevely, CEO & Chairman, founded 10to8 with a few friends to help simplify managing bookings and make the world a little bit more organised. He helps out where needed across the business in strategy, accounting, finance, compliance, fund raising and people. Outside of 10to8 he works with wide range of high growth businesses to help them achieve their goals. He’s also got an MEng in Engineering from Oxford and MPhil in Economics from Cambridge.

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