The Ultimate Guide To Online Booking Systems

As the old adage goes “time is money”, a saying which will resonate with business owners worldwide. Thankfully today advances in technology empower businesses to become more efficient than ever before and therefore save you time. This has never been truer when it comes to online booking and appointment scheduling software.

With an online booking system, you can say goodbye to telephone ping pong, your paper diary, and of course, rid yourself of wasted time and admin.

For an introduction to online booking systems and to gain an understanding of how appointment scheduling software can benefit your business, then be sure to read on, as we’ve put together a helpful guide just for you!


What is an online booking system?

In short, an online booking system provides a platform for clients to book and even pay for services online. Many advanced booking systems will also provide a customisable online booking page, permit for clients to add ‘book now’ buttons to their existing website, and even book via social networks such as Facebook. Often such features are further enhanced with automated appointment reminders via SMS and email.

The popularity and demand for online bookings are ever increasing, predominantly due to the efficiencies it creates for businesses and clients alike, in fact, clients have become to expect to be able to book services and appointments online.


Why use an online booking system?

There are many advantages to using an online booking system, which we will highlight below;


Increased visibility; take online bookings 24/7

Firstly, you’ll benefit from increased online visibility with your own online booking page. With this comes another benefit, and that’s the fact that clients will be able to book your available slots for the services you offer with ease 24/7. This fact alone should help to increase bookings for your business.


Online booking systems are proven to reduce no-shows

It’s a fact that online booking systems can reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90% and in many cases eliminate them altogether. How you may ask? With advanced features such as automated email and SMS appointment reminders. Furthermore, with an online booking system from, you’ll also benefit from unrivalled 2-way client chat and the technology that can even help you predict and plan for no-shows before they even happen!


With online bookings come faster and secure payments

Many advanced online booking systems will offer secure payment integrations, thus, allowing clients the ease and flexibility to pay online securely for the services that you offer at the point of booking.

Common secure online payment integrations include PayPal, and Stripe. Although many more popular integrations are often available with most booking systems, and we’re not just talking about payment integrations!


Save time and reduce admin

With an online booking system there is no need to go back and forth arranging bookings via the phone, nor is there need to spend time following up with clients to remind them of their upcoming appointment. In fact, a booking system will take care of all this for you and more.

With automated SMS and email appointment reminders, coupled with 2-way online chat, communicating with clients will become a breeze, and as a result, you’ll be able to improve client communication, all while saving yourself some valuable time.

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How do I create an online booking website?

When it comes to online booking systems and creating your own online booking website, you’ll likely find that there are many providers, plugins, and apps out there. You can compare the major providers in our helpful guide.

To create an online booking website with is as easy as pie; we allow you to project your brand through your very own online booking page.

To get started you simply need to create your free account. Once you’ve created your account you will be able to access and edit your own online booking website by navigating to go to “Online Booking” > “Booking Page”.


Who is an online booking system for?

Essentially any service-based business big or small can benefit from an online booking system across a range of industries including healthcare, tutors and teachers, beauty and salons, sports and fitness, and trade professionals.

If you are a service-based business looking to grow your business, increase sales, and reduce admin, then an online booking system is certainly for you.

Craig, is the International Marketing Manager at 10to8, with over 10 years’ digital marketing experience.

At 10to8 Craig devises and oversees multi-channel marketing campaigns, and plays a pivotal role in growing the business.

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