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Dance teaching is so versatile and not just because of the wide range of genres. You can run group, pair or solo dance classes, arrange festivals and workshops, have private students, allow drop-ins or restrict your sessions to booking only. Whatever the case is, 10to8 dance teacher software sure has a couple of useful features for you.

To book, or not to book

10to8 online booking software will help you manage your bookings. Even if you don’t restrict your classes for students, who pre-booked it, having a slight idea about the core number of attendants is nice. If you have an online booking page, students-to-be will discover you easier and they have the option of booking online ahead of time instead of simply turning up without notice.

If your classes are quite popular, you probably want to limit the number of people allowed in. You can do that with the group booking feature of 10to8. You can then rest assured that everybody will be reminded to show-up, with both automatic email and SMS reminders

Appointment scheduling software

Imagine this: you have recurring dance classes with regulars, but you have some spare time for private students. For instance, there’s a couple preparing for their wedding dance and they reach out to you to know whether you have any availability. You can simply send them the link to your calendar, so they can book a slot easily and quickly online. Your Google, iCal,, Office 365 or Exchange calendar can be synced with 10to8, you can even block certain time slots from being booked, the couple will then only see your available slots.

Event booking

A workshop with an international dance instructor is on the one hand a great opportunity to attract enquiries, on the other hand can be risky because of the money and time invested in. For such events you need to be assured that enough people will show up, so you’ll have a return on investment. To spread the word, you could create a Facebook event and insert the link of your booking page in the description to make it clear for everybody, that they need to book to attend. When somebody reserves a place for your event, you can collect their payments online.

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Unrivalled features, ease of use, accessibility on any device are only a few of the reasons why this product will be your favourite dance teacher scheduling software. Join free today!


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