How Organized Are You & How Can You Level Up

‘Productivity’ for business is what ‘clean-eating’ is for fitness. Everybody talks about it, everybody thinks they have it all figured out, and still, everybody has a different approach to it.

As we are an appointment scheduling software business, our approach is based on being organized first and then taking it one step further, leveling up and becoming productive.

I sorted people into 5 groups based on their level of tidiness, and of course, added a few tips about how to ‘level-up’. You might not even need our online booking system to get productive. We’ll see.

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Organized chaos

appointment scheduling software chaos

If the above reminiscent of your desk, which has become so cluttered that you can no longer recall the color of the surface, then this is organized chaos! On the upside, you’ll likely have everything you need on your desk, on the downside finding it is a challenge.

Files laying everywhere, dozens of new pencils (because you never find the old one), a never-used stapler that you got from a friend to encourage you to get more orderly, and old books that seem to have library stamps on them. Odd, you don’t have a library card. Well, at least not for a couple of years…

How to level up?

Oh, where to start? Toss out the garbage, sort out which papers you still need, and archive the old ones (preferably put them someplace where you’ll find them later on), maybe use the stapler. Also, take the books back to the library and pay the fee – you may need  to take out a small loan to do the latter. I know it takes time and effort, but if you don’t allow yourself to fall back into old habits such as being clutterted, then you’ll benefit this effort in the long run.

Keep trying

appointment scheduling software keep trying

You have a tidy desk, you’ve purchased a couple of boxes to keep files organized and have a few post-its to remind you of the most important tasks like go to the bank or do your taxes. But what about that customer who you promised to call back 3 days ago? Oh, well, c’est la vie.

When you’re running around like a headless chicken while trying to make the most of your dream business, some things will obviously slip your mind if you don’t have the proper system to help you be efficient.

How to level up?

If you tend to forget information, then why not ensure that you have everything written down? Post-its are okay, but important pieces of information should be kept in one safe place. Especially appointments with your clients. That one customer, who you mistook to call back, has possibly gone to somebody else. Extraordinary customer service starts with making clients feel appreciated.

The stationery geek

appointment scheduling software stationery geek

Hey, Office Depot called, they want their stock back! Seriously, where did you get all those stationary products?

So you keep different kinds of data in different notebooks, and (at least) 50 shades of sticky notes to distinguish customers? Do you also have another notebook to keep track of which notebook is for what? Also, are they securely encrypted to keep your clients’ details safe? Didn’t think so…

How to level up?

You are trying so hard and you end up wasting energy. We too love colorful notepads and post-its but let’s use them for brainstorming and not instead of appointment scheduling software. It’s the 21st century when trust is in a historic low, so let’s keep customer records safe. Digitalize your workflow!

The tech-savvy

appointment scheduling software tech savvy

The thought that you would need an online booking system is actually offensive. You have a very thought through way of booking appointments with your customers. It is perfect!

They call or email you, after some exciting date ping-pong you agree on a time, you put it in your Google calendar, iCal, Outlook or whatever you use, then record the customer’s details in your CRM system. After this, go to Google Drive, open a new document for the client, set up a Zoom meeting, send them a link, and set a reminder for yourself to remind them 1 hour prior to the appointment. No-shows still happen, but what more could you do?

You are such a pro that you’ve even set up a welcome campaign for newbies in MailChimp, and a satisfaction survey using SurveyPal. By now you’ve mastered this routine so it only takes 10-15 minutes per appointment. You are so efficient. Only you’re not.

How to level up?

One word: automatize.


10to8 appointment scheduling software

You signed up for the Free Forever Plan. That’s all you did. Since then customers book you via your new online booking page and get reminded via SMS and email automatically. Your beloved apps are all integrated through Zapier, your 10to8 calendar has a live 2-way sync with your external calendars. No confusion, no scheduling-headaches, just pure business bliss.

How to level up?

Just use all of the features that we offer!

It looks like I miscalculated at the beginning: there are only two kinds of people. The ones who have appointment scheduling software, and the ones who need it. Which one are you?

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