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How To Find Link Opportunities For Your Local Business

Link building is a quintessential marketing activity for any business looking to build an online presence.

But what if you’re just a local business looking to make a splash in your city or town? building with a location-based context may seem impossible, but it really isn’t – it just takes some time and effort. 

To help make your local link building efforts a bit easier, here are 8 link building tactics to help you build up a strong backlink profile in the shortest timespan possible.

To help make your local link building efforts a bit easier, here are 8 link building tactics to help you build up a strong backlink profile in the shortest timespan possible. Click To Tweet


1. Focus on keyword research

Rumors of the death of SEO has been greatly exaggerated. SEO is just as important as it has ever been 10 or 20 years ago if you want to see your business rank on Google results.

While the rules have drastically changed, the game remains the same – which is focusing on content relevance for Google users.

To be able to reach your local audiences, you must first understand what their intentions really are when they turn to Google. 

Are they looking for product reviews, or are they looking for entertainment?

With a strong content line-up backed by solid keyword mapping, you will have a better picture on their intents, the problems and challenges they face, and provide answers satisfactorily.



2. Set up Google My Business (GMB)

Regardless of your business type or industry, the majority of your customers seek out businesses through Google, such as using Google Maps and reviews. 

With Google’s push for greater mobile usage, a sizeable portion of Google’s top search results real estate is now taken up by location-based results (especially on mobile).

Therefore, by having a well-optimized GMB listing, you can capture significant business opportunities, especially if you are a local business.

Having a correctly set up GMB profile (complete with your business name, address and phone number) signals to Google that you are a legit business entity and helps give you a higher priority in location-based search results.

With a GMB profile, you’ll be able to target mobile search users more readily, since Google can link the user to your business based on location.

3. High-quality localized content

In today’s social media-driven world, everyone is linking and sharing content that interests them.

Whether it’s videos, podcast, infographics, how-to guides, content with high relevance gets to enjoy higher circulation and visibility from the rest of the noise.

So how can you make your content more relevant to your local audience? You put a local spin on it, allowing your content to gain traction among the local community.

Look for current trends and topics that are creating media attention. Think about how you can localize the buzz to your advantage by injecting a localized angle. 

To help you get more visibility on your content, make sure that you are promoting your content actively across your social media and community.

4. Go on local interviews, or interview locals yourself

Youtube channels and podcasts are highly engaging marketing activities for reaching potential customers due to their episodic nature that encourages people to tune in regularly.

Offer to appear on any prominent local podcast of Youtube channel in a guest appearance or interview. Interviews are a great way to let prospects get to know you and your business better.

Alternatively, if you have your own Youtube or podcast channel, reach out to prominent local people in your community and have them on your show as a guest interviewee.

Having your very own podcast or Youtube channel can let you establish yourself as a local authority. It’s a highly valuable marketing tool in today’s world, and you should consider adding them to your marketing strategy. 

5. Strategic local partnership

A quick way to generate backlinks is to seek out guest posting opportunities by networking with like-minded local businesses.

Take part in local networking sessions or meetups, ask business owners if they’re interested in working together with you to create greater online visibility.

Also, find out who are the big players in the local online community, and see if you can work out a domestic strategic partnership where you publish each other’s content.

On top of cross-publishing, you can take this strategy further by cross-promoting content across social media to amplify your local audience reach.

6. Get involved in the community

Sponsoring or hosting your local community events, charities, initiatives are a great way to create publicity and awareness for your business.

Seek out local charities, arts and music scenes, non-profit organizations, schools, or even hospitals to find opportunities to offer sponsorship for their events or festivals. 

If you’re interested in contributing on a more consistent basis, you can offer scholarships or monthly donations. Contributions like these are more likely to get a special mention by the organizations you support.

Getting involved in local events is a highly effective way to generate local goodwill and publicity, and to gain local press coverage (which ultimately can lead to backlink opportunities).

7. Join local trade associations and membership bodies

Most countries or cities have a trade association or union for local business and industries. Make a list of these organizations, and get your business listed under them as a trusted member.

While most of these organizations are decades old, don’t be fooled into thinking that these associations are only reserved for old-timey businesses or 100-year-old companies. 

In fact, many of these associations do welcome new businesses into their fold as it helps to keep their organization relevant, with new business opportunities in tow.

Trade associations are beneficial not just for backlinks. Joining an association is like getting a stamp of approval from a trusted organization, which helps to increase your authority in your niche.

You also get to enjoy other membership benefits such as networking events, referrals, or even sponsorship opportunities with the local community.

Also, these associations often have a list of member businesses listed on their website. Once you are a member, you get to enjoy multiple perks, including a trusted backlink from their website.

Most local directories and citations grab their listings directly from these organizations too, which allow you to gain even more local visibility.

8. Keep an eye on your competitors

When it comes to marketing, it always helps when you know what your competitors are doing – whether its local SEO, social media, or content marketing.

In building up your backlinks profiles, use a reliable backlink tool (such as the free UberSuggest, or the premium AHrefs or Moz) to see what sites your competitors are getting their links on, then export the list of sites into a spreadsheet.

Now all you have to do is to approach those sites via email or social media and pitch your guest post ideas to the site owners. 

Since these sites are actively getting content from your competitors, it is highly likely that you can get a link of your own from them too.




Building local links is a time-consuming endeavour. You need to be consistent and conscientious in creating backlinks, to ensure it becomes a long term marketing success for your business. 

Most businesses find the entire affair overwhelming. Instead, they choose to outsource their link building projects to external marketing agencies.

While your online efforts are the key, sometimes offline activities can play an important role too.

Take some time to get your boots on the ground, and simply meet your community and brand followers face to face. 

Focus on building a meaningful relationship with your local customers. Give them reasons to fall in love with your business. 

When they do, they’ll become your company’s greatest brand ambassadors, and they will help grow your brand even without your intervention.

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