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A Short Guide To Taking Bookings Online

In this modern age customers expect to not only find your business online, they expect if your a service based business to be able to book the services you offer effortlessly online too.

The question remains, how do you take bookings online? Well, you’re in luck, as in this guide we’ll explain everything that you’ll ever need to know about online booking systems and can even have you up and running taking online bookings today, so do read on.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide, then be sure to read our ultimate guide to online booking systems too.


How to take bookings online?

Taking bookings online using an online booking system has never been easier. Typically, a customer will visit your website, or even your very own online booking page and select the service they’d like to book, before clicking through to see the available time slots based on the availability that you’ve set.

Many popular online booking systems are equipped to cater for 1-1 or group bookings for classes for instance. In addition to this, with 10to8 Appointment Scheduling taking secure payments online at the point of booking is also an option via PayPal, or Stripe.

10to8 online booking system

Benefits of appointment scheduling software

An online booking system, is of course, just one component of what all-in-one appointment scheduling software can offer. There are many benefits to setting up and using appointment scheduling software to manage and take bookings online, some key benefits include;

  • The added convenience for customers
  • Reduction in admin time; no more need for multitasking
  • Automated SMS and Email reminders can reduce appointment no-shows
  • The ability to sync with external calendars including Google
  • Online booking payment processing; take customer payments securely online
  • App integrations; integrate with everyday apps to improve productivity


Who is an online booking system for?

 An online booking system, or appointment scheduling software, is the ideal solution for any service based business big or small. From independent music teachers, to large international enterprises, if there is a need to schedule appointments, then scheduling software and an online booking system is for you.


In short, an online booking system is for any business or anyone that would like to schedule appointments more efficiently.

If you are still not sure if an online booking system is right for you or your business, then make sure you first understand why appointment scheduling is important.


How much is appointment scheduling software?

 The cost of appointment scheduling software will of course, depend on the provider you choose, the features that you require, the amount of bookings you plan on taking, and typically the amount of staff members using the solution. To give you a steer, 10to8 offers a Free Forever Plan which facilitates for up to 100 appointments each month, with 2 staff logins.

Regardless of the software provider you choose, it’s always a good idea to first evaluate appointment scheduling software before committing to pay. Thankfully, many providers will offer a free trial, which is of course, an opportunity for you to evaluate.


Start Taking Bookings Online

Create your branded online booking page, benefit from automated SMS & Email reminders, rid your business of wasted time, and reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90%.

No credit card required; free & easy setup.

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Craig Gibson

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