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How To Take Virtual Appointments And Move Your Business Online With 10to8

The current COVID-19 pandemic is changing how businesses work is changing how the whole world works! In such difficult times, it’s imperative to have the tools that will help you adapt to the rapidly changing world and get you through the crisis.

10to8 remote appointment scheduling software is one of these tools and we hope that it is helping you take your business online and enables you to work fully remotely.

We have seen our users complete the most amazing transitions from in-person to virtual appointments and it’s great to see that our solution was integral to this refocusing. We have personal trainers who started running remote fitness classes, Taylors that now do fittings via video calls, clinics that now do phone appointments and universities taking student engagement online. Many of our users who work in a larger team simply use 10to8 to organize staff meetings and manage remote teams worldwide.

We’d love to help you with moving your business online so that you can work remotely and run virtual appointments successfully. Let’s see what 10to8 features you’ll need to run remote appointments (spoiler alert: they are all available on the Free Forever Plan) and which set-up is best for you.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at different kinds of bookings you can make with 10to8.



What is a remote appointment?

A remote appointment is a meeting or other sort of appointment that takes place via video or phone call without the attendees having to be in the same physical location. With 10to8, you can schedule remote meetings with team members as well as consultations and other types of remote appointments with clients.

With 10to8, you can schedule remote meetings with team members as well as consultations and other types of remote appointments with clients. Click To Tweet

To do this, simply set your services’ location to Online/Phone. After you are logged in to your 10to8 account, navigate to Services and select the Online/Phone location on each service type. Then it’s up to you whether you’ll be calling customers on their phone or hosting video meetings with our native Zoom Video integration.



What is a virtual meeting?

A virtual meeting is a remote meeting that attendees join via video chat. It can be a gathering of friends, an internal staff meeting at an organization, a video conference, or a virtual meeting with a client.

Virtual meetings are a great way to create the illusion of an in-person meeting, at least this is the closest alternative to physically meeting with others safe during the coronavirus outbreak. Hence the popularity of running virtual events and webinars.

To conduct virtual meetings with 10to8, make sure that you connect your Zoom account. You don’t want others Zoom-bombing you during an important meeting, right? 10to8 automatically creates individual meeting rooms for each appointment so that your team members and customers can stay safe.



What is a phone appointment?

Phone appointments are on the rise, especially within the medical sector. The NHS, for example, is trying to move all possible appointments to phone calls as a means of ensuring that only patients who must be seen in-person by a doctor come to the hospital.

Conducting phone appointments with 10to8 is easy since you can get in touch with your customers via the number they provided at the point of online booking. We offer HIPAA tools for medical phone appointments (for customers in the United States) but don’t forget that you’ll need a signed BAA with us. Get in touch to learn more.


how to schedule virtual appointments with 10to8 online booking system


How to conduct virtual appointments with 10to8?

Now that we’ve gone through the most common types of virtual appointments, let’s look at how we can configure 10to8 for the best outcome. Of course, there is no silver bullet, every business is unique, but the following features and setup options will definitely help you take your business online. So here comes the bronze bullet – if you will.



1. Online/Phone location

To run virtual appointments, first of all, you will have to enable remote services by setting Online/Phone as the location of the appointments. This will enable you to conduct phone appointments and virtual meetings too.

Go to Set Up > Services and either create new services with the Online/Phone location or simply change the setup on your existing services. From here it’s up to you how you run these types of bookings; you can call customers or arrange virtual meetings via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or your preferred app.

Pro Tip: Let customers know in the service description about how they will be contacted to avoid confusion.



2. Connect Zoom

If you decide to host virtual meetings via Zoom, you can easily connect your 10to8 and Zoom account with just a few-click authentication process.

how to schedule virtual appointments with 10to8 and Zoom

Once you’re set-up, 10to8 will automatically create Zoom meeting rooms for each appointment that you can join straight from your calendar. This will ensure that the meeting is only open for the attendees and you can avoid unwanted eavesdropping.

Pro Tip: Set a virtual background for the call. Choose something fun to amuse colleagues or create a professional virtual environment with your own branding.

10to8 will automatically create Zoom meeting rooms for each appointment that you can join straight from your calendar. Click To Tweet



3. Set up calendar sync

10to8 offers a 2-way calendar sync with Google, iCal, Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365. Make sure to connect your external calendar with 10to8 to keep all your appointments synced up and avoid double-bookings.

Pro Tip: In addition to dealing with customers in multiple time zones, 10to8 handles staff members working across the globe, too. Larger organizations may benefit from our advanced time zone feature, which you can learn more about here.



4. Reminders and Reporting

In the last couple of weeks, you probably have seen a significant increase in no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Setting up well-timed reminders is one thing that will help normalize your no-show rate. Keeping an eye on the reporting features of 10to8 can also help spot no-shows before they happen.

Customized SMS reminders are often more efficient, however, you can only edit your messaging setup on the Grow Plan and higher.

Pro Tip: To find more ideas on how to encourage customers to reschedule or cancel on time, read our tips here.



5. Virtual staff meetings

One of our latest feature releases allows you to book appointments that involve multiple staff members. Sadly, this new feature has turned out to be very useful for many more 10to8 users than we expected, due to the current pandemic. Engage with your teammates remotely by booking internal staff meetings with 10to8.

Pro Tip: Set up a service that all staff members can take so you can easily book them in when it comes to a meeting. You could also set up department-specific meetings, such as Engineering Stand-ups or Sales & Marketing meetings.



+1 Branding

Our branding features are only available on paid plans, but I couldn’t resist mentioning it. Branding is now more important than ever. Your website and online booking page have replaced what used to be your shop front and, as ever,- it is essential that you differentiate to stand out from your competitors.

Consider upgrading your account to a Basic Plan so you can use your own logo and header image on the booking page and in emails.

how to take virtual appointments with 10to8

I hope you found this post useful. Please do get in touch with us if you are struggling to take your business online and you need help. We are in this together and we are, as always, here to make sure your appointments happen.


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