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Writing support articles can be a bit difficult, especially when you are familiar with the system or process you are writing an article for and so from your viewpoint, everything seems very straightforward. So how do we decide what to write?

Customer enquires

At 10to8, we often look at what customers are asking questions about. For example, customers have been asking about how they can sync 10to8 Scheduling and Zoom Video Conferencing to send a Zoom link to their customers. As this can’t be answered in a single sentence, we created a support article.

But this is not the only case when a support article can come in handy.

Get to know’s

Since 10to8 appointment scheduling software is packed full with enhanced features, we go through the whole product and look at different parts of 10to8 to find inspiration for writing articles about specific functionality. This way we can help our customers to get to know the product and get an idea about how it can help grow their business. Customer Communications is an excellent example of how deep 10to8’s feature set is.


We found that FAQ-style articles are quite useful when we want to cover common questions related to a specific topic such as HIPAA or GDPR.

The great thing about FAQ-style posts is that Google will often pick them up as featured snippets, which is a great way to get some more exposure for your business. When writing answers to Frequently Asked Questions, you might want to take the biggest SEO trends of 2019 into consideration.

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How to write support articles?

Here’s some advice on how to write good and easy-to-understand support articles:

  • Keep it short
    When writing an article, try to keep it short and sweet, straight to the point. This helps customers read through it and eliminate confusion. Also, if an article is too long to read, customers will likely lose interest and contact support directly.Keep it simple
    Not only keep the article short but try to avoid long compound sentences. This will make it easier for users to understand what you are trying to convey. A great way to stick to short sentences is to use bullet points.
  • Add a video
    Creating a short video about what the support article covers can help a lot. This way you also ensure that people who learn visually, get to see an example. There’s a reason for the increase in the number of videos shared on social, and the reason is that people are getting bored of reading, they are thirsty for visual content. Creating videos might take a bit longer but after you got the hang of it, it really is straightforward. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to create a video, you can also add screenshots or GIFs.
  • Get someone to review it:
    When writing a help article about something you are quite familiar with, you can end up describing things in a way that someone who’s not familiar with the product might not understand. That’s why it is good practice to get a colleague or even better, an outsider who doesn’t use the product on a daily basis to review your copy. You can use tools such as Hemingway Editor to check the complexity of your article.

So was this article useful? Also, would you like to read about how to create support videos? Let us know in the comment section!


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Marcel is the Customer Service Manager here at 10to8. He joined in 2016 and is working on a day to day basis to resolve customer questions/issues.

Marcel is currently also studying for a degree in management so he can help with growing the support team at 10to8.

Marcel Wundrich

Head of Customer Service, 10to8 Scheduling Software

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