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Inspiring Post-COVID Work Spaces You Need To See

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our personal and working lives have been turned upside down. We abided by lockdowns for months, businesses closed their doors, and many transitioned to remote working in just a few day’s notice.

If you’ve been remote working during the lockdown, I can imagine you saw many benefits of the home office. After all, it does mean no commute, food whenever you want and you can even stay in your pajamas all day if you don’t attend video calls. No wonder why 23% of employees are not ready to go back to the office at least for another 3 months.

But as the world begins to normalize again, we’re looking at how COVID-19 has impacted our working environment and how businesses have adapted.

In our recent social media contest, we asked 10to8ers to share their work setups with us, showing us how COVID-19 has impacted their working environment. We had some great entries from everyone; some shared home office spaces and some showed how they had transformed their reopened offices and shops. They inspired our team to change up our work setups so we want to share some of the entries with you too and hope that you’ll get some new ideas too.

So here it goes, our top inspiring workspaces…



1. Aesthetically pleasing and safety conscious

Byard Art shared this amazing setup of their picture framing shop with us as they have now been able to reopen their shop with 10to8 and safety measures in place.

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“We are so grateful to 10to8 for allowing us to re-open our framing business safely. Our customers are re-assured by the accessible and easy to use appointment system. Thank you 10to8!”

Since they are a framing shop, it’s not surprising that they have a good eye for designing an aesthetically pleasing shop interior. We love how organized and simplistic this is. If you’re looking for setup inspiration, this is definitely up there, after all, tidy desk, tidy mind.  Try decluttering your workspace and create a distraction-free environment. You can achieve this simply by throwing away any old post-it notes, putting equipment back in it’s designated storage, and overall just tidying up your cluttered space. Post-COVID, tidy and clean workspaces are going to be essential as you return to work. It is key to ensure proper safety equipment and cleaning measures in place to protect both staff and customers.


2. Tech-savvy and ready for virtual work

Another great entry from Dale Moulding. His desk is definitely ready for scheduling virtual meetings and training sessions from the comfort of his home.

“I run the Light Microscopy facility at UCL Great Ormond street institute of Child Health, serving over 150 users and scheduling meetings used to take ages. Now with 10to8 I just direct people to my 10to8 page and they can pick equipment, see my availability and book a slot. I couldn’t find any other software that works this well for keeping my calendar running smoothly.”

inspiring post-COVID workspaces

Dale’s setup is very tech-savvy and we love it. A good hardware tech setup is just as important as the remote working software and tools you use. Dale nailed it with this entry. Once you have the equipment in place you can begin installing your various tools and apps to help get your workflow organized and running smoothly. Wink-wink: why not start with creating a free 10to8 account for your digital workplace?


3. Scheduling helps with the bigger picture…

Excuse the framing pun. This one is from Quadro Photo & Framing in Vancouver, Canada. It looks like we have a thing for picture framing businesses. Or maybe they have a thing for us?










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“Going on 3 months of our super-safe setup at Quadro! Our online appointments system is working like a dream thanks to @10to8_scheduling. Getting lots of positive feedback!”

As we learn more about regulations on how businesses can reopen after the pandemic, it is becoming more and more obvious that retail appointment scheduling will play a big role in the transition to a post-COVID high street. Quadro Photo & Framing is ahead of the game as they are offering framing consultation appointments to customers and already receiving positive feedback on their new service.


4. Safety and scheduling is here to stay

As many businesses reopen, they cannot simply open their doors and run ‘business as usual’. COVID-19 has forced businesses to change the way they work to produce a ‘new normal’. This entry is from Colin Stone and I think he’s right in saying that this ‘new normal’ for business might be here to stay for a little longer. Online booking is now the norm for many as customers often find it safer than walk-ins. Disinfectant is a key desk accessory as everything must be cleaned regularly and in between uses in co-working spaces. Masks are mandatory in many enclosed spaces still and for customers, cash is a thing of the past as contactless is the only accepted payment method in most shops.

inspiring post-COVID workspaces


5. Bring some positivity and joy to your setup

The pandemic has undoubtedly affected our mental health: lockdowns, quarantines, uncertainty, have all become part of our lives. It’s therefore very important to take the time to enjoy some hobbies and if you’re creative, why not try bringing out your creative side in your work setup and bring some joy to what could otherwise be a dull and boring office desk.

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Delaney Studios did an amazing job of bringing some color and positive vibes to their work setup. If you have a favorite piece of art, a beloved quote or song lyrics, why not print it out and hang it on the wall of your office and frame it on your desk to display some positive energy and boost your mood.


We are thrilled to have seen so many inspiring businesses join us in the #MyBusinessAnd10to8 contest. We only managed to feature our absolute favorite entries in this post, but there are so many more fantastic business owners who submitted an image to us. Check out the rest of the entries on:

Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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