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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, NHS Trusts have been put under a lot of pressure. To deal with the implications of the pandemic, many had to implement new ways of working and introduce software solutions to better understand patient behaviour, modernise processes to take the pressure off of administrative staff, and keep patients and frontline workers safe.

In this interactive webinar, we tell the incredible success stories of three NHS Trusts that implemented the 10to8 patient scheduling system to deal with the crisis.

The North East London NHS Foundation Trust gained crucial insights into patient behaviour and clinic performance, that enabled them to find the optimal number of appointments per hour. Now they are able to stop their Phlebotomy clinic from getting overcrowded and so it’s much easier for them to keep patients and staff safe while keeping their waiting lists under control too. (Find at 1:45)

The NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group introduced 10to8 to schedule face mask and PPE fittings at scale in an automated manner. The PPE Manager of the CCG. estimates that the scheduling automation saved their admin team weeks of work. (Find at 5:55)

The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust had been dealing with long queues down the corridors which made social distancing very difficult. They introduced 10to8 to enable patients to bok a convenient time slot and come to the clinic then instead of queuing in front of it. (Find at 10:10)

“10to8 gave us that ability to literally just replace the queue that was going down the corridor with a virtual queue, with the patients being told to turn up no more than 5 minutes before their appointments and fetch a ticket when they got there. And that was very important: the lack of change in workflows.”

We asked our webinar audience to participate in three poll questions to gauge their opinion on topics related to data insights, software solutions, and patient flow improvements. We reflect on these results at the end of the video.* (Find at 16:05)

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*The full-length interview is available upon request via email.

*To improve the viewer experience for those who tune into the recording, we reduced the display time of the polls hence the small jump in the video. Please note that the results discussed at the end of the webinar only represent the opinion of the webinar attendees.


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