Is The 9-5 Dead?

After a New Zealand company launched a 4-day working week trial for a better work-life balance and flexible hours to improve productivity, a new pressing issue has now arisen: commute time.

A recent study from the University of the West of England examined how london bound rail commuters use their time on the train. They found that 54% of the passengers are using the train’s Wi-Fi for sending office emails. Others were using their own mobile data for the same purpose.

While technological improvements help us to become more efficient on-the-go, what impact is this having on our working hours or our personal time? Click To TweetWhile technological improvements help us to become more efficient on-the-go, what impact is this having on our working hours or our personal time?

Based on Fluent’s The Inbox Report, 74% of people check their work emails on mobile devices and 59% of e-messages are opened on the go.


Blurred lines

Commuters of course don’t spend the whole commute taking care of work related issues, they also check social media, read news, and chat. So should this count as overtime and be paid for? Or is this personal time spent the wrong way? How do the technological efficiencies  impact the work-life balance?

British commuters spend up to 14% of their income on season tickets as fares are six times higher than the average in Europe. Some companies already have schemes to support these expenses, but should this be obligatory?


What about driving?

In areas where riding the train, taking the bus or choosing other means of public transportation is not an option, driving is the only way to get to the office. Maintaining a bicycle or a car, buying petrol are major expenses.  

On-the-go you can ask Siri or Google Assistant to read up your emails and even dictate an answer, or spend the route with educating yourself by listening to an audiobook in the car.  



If there’s any…

With the implosion of freedom and technological efficiencies, employers and HR experts alike might need to reconsider what counts as working hours, what expenses should they take over and how to modernize employee contracts.

Or simply ignore all of these questions. Just read a book, listen to some music or watch cute cat videos while commuting.

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