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Lunch break – an effective way to re-boost your body and mind

Your break might be only half an hour a day, but remember that this time adds up. If you get half an hour for lunch, that’s 2.5 hours per week, or 125 hours a year. What can you do with 125 hours?


The first thing you should do when your lunch break begins is take a deep breath and relax.  You’ve likely been on overdrive all morning putting out fires, so take a couple minutes to clear your head. Don’t automatically jump to the next ‘to do’ item. When you’re relaxed, you can better strategize your goals with a broader and wiser perspective.


Take this time to bond with your co-workers

You see your coworkers all the time, of course, but it’s usually over meetings, or just a quick “hi” on your way to the printer. Get to know your teammates over a relaxed lunch, or at a local restaurant.


Get up from your desk or work space

Staying at your desk is a big no-no. There are more and more reports on the dangers of sitting for too long. Even just getting up to walk to another room to eat is important, or better still, going outside for some fresh air and a quick walk can do wonders for the body and spirit.


Read a book or a newspaper

This might sound old-school, but reading print instead of digital causes less eye strain, provided that you have good lighting, and you can always catch up with that novel you’ve been trying to read at bedtime.


Just like any other break you’re taking at work, your lunch break renews your energy levels, improves concentration, and lets you become more effective when you get back to work. Click To Tweet


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