Master Receiving, Analyzing & Writing Feedback

Before we go into details on how to master receiving, analyzing and writing feedback, let’s first think about why feedback is important. Feedback is information you give someone about their product, service, or performance. This can then be used by the person to either improve their solution or performance.

That’s not the only purpose, these days 90% of people read online reviews  before making a purchase decision. This means that you could potentially lose up to 90% of business based on bad reviews alone.

How can you, as a business, collect feedback?

Today, there are many ways to collect feedback and at the same time many opportunities to showcase it to your customers. Just a few examples are Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and 10to8 Reviews. All three platforms allow a customer to give you a star rating (on a 0 to 5 basis) and offer a badge that you can share with your customers (to show off all the great reviews you get). This can help you to attract new customers and/or help you improve the products/services you already offer to your customers.


What is NPS?

Have you ever heard about NPS (Net Promoter Score)? This is a metric used to measure customer loyalty, by giving a customer a single question with a score of 1 – 10. Most of the times the question is something in the direction of “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”.

The users are then split into Promoter, Neutral and Detractor.

  • Detractor = anyone who gives you a score of 1 – 6
  • Neutral = anyone who gives you a score of 7 – 8
  • Promoter = anyone who gives you a score of 9 – 10

NPS score =  PromotersDetractors


Writing good feedback

Feedback is good, but good feedback is better. This is something that I keep in mind when writing reviews or when reading through them. And good doesn’t neccessarily mean positive. It means detailed.

Feedback is good, but good feedback is better. This is something that I keep in mind when writing reviews or when reading through them. And good doesn’t neccessarily mean positive. It means detailed. Click To Tweet

If a customer gives you a 1-star rating with no comment, you ask yourself, how could you have done better? Was it the service they received, the product or maybe something completely different?

So what to do better when you unhappy with a service or you want to give someone a compliment?

Be clear about what made you give the review and try to describe any issues that might have made you give the review.

Keep in mind, that your feedback can actually make a difference if you provide the business with details about your experience. This can help them improve and in the future, they might be able to provide you and many others with excellent service – just because you gave quality information. It might sound cheesy and exaggerated, but your feedback can change the world – little by little.

An example of an unuseful review:

“I did not like the page.”

An example of a useful review:

“When I tried to find more details about the pricing and what functions are included with what plan, I was unable to find the details.”

Analyzing your feedback

Some businesses receive feedback from one 1 customer a day but some get datareceive feedback from hundreds100’s of customers a day. The more feedback you get the harder it is to analyze the data feedback and find things that can be improved. This is where being organized can help.

At 10to8 we collect our feedback in a tool called Shipright, but you can also use a simple Excel sheet or any other tool to collect all your feedback in one place.

Once you have all the information feedback in one source, you can categorize it e.g. feedback about your website, customer support, product etc.the feedback, like all the feedback you got about your website. Try to find things that are repetitive when grouping data, so later you will be able to better understand all the comments you collected and come up a collective

We are interested to hear about how you collect feedback at the moment; leave a comment and share your tips and tricks.

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Marcel is the Customer Service Manager here at 10to8. He joined in 2016 and is working on a day to day basis to resolve customer questions/issues.

Marcel is currently also studying for a degree in management so he can help with growing the support team at 10to8.

Marcel Wundrich

Head of Customer Service, 10to8 Scheduling Software

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