Musical Instruments To Learn That Really Require A Tutor

Music is about creativity and cooperation; by learning music, you can strengthen these skills,by immersing yourself in music.. Learning music is challenging yet fun, because while your playing an instrument just for pleasure, you’re also improving.. Teaching music is about reserving both components.

Nowadays almost everybody has easy access to internet and the continuously growing popularity of tutorial videos has changed the way that we learn musical instruments too. Based on Google Trends’ data from the last 12 months, there are musical instruments that are more likely to be learnt at home, and ones that really require a tutor.

We chose a few musical instruments to take a look at. These included the guitar, the piano, the violin and the ukulele. We compared the following search phrases including the name of the musical instrument:

  • [musical instrument] teacher
  • [musical instrument] tutorial
  • How to play the [musical instrument]

The first phrase indicates how many people look for a teacher for the given instrument. The second one can tell us something about the overall popularity of the instrument, since a tutorial can be searched by teachers, students and confident self-taught people. The third one is probably searched by people who want to learn the given musical instrument in the comfort and confinesat home, without a teacher.  


Are you a guitar teacher?

The guitar is without doubt one of the most popular musical instruments, and based on the data provided by Google Trends, more likely to be self-taught. Probably because one won’t go bankrupt after purchasing a less fancy guitar, and it is easy to sell if one can’t master it.

Are you a piano teacher?

Looking for a music tutor and the self-teaching approach almost made a tie in this case. Google Trends shows that it is a bit more likely to opt for a teacher, than trying to become the next Chopin or Franz Liszt. No kidding, buying a piano is not only expensive but fitting it somewhere… It makes more sense to find a good piano teacher.

Are you a violin teacher?

Looking at the graphs, it is spectacular that people think that a violin teacher is needed to learn this instrument. There’s no such thing like a non-fancy or cheap violin. And it doesn’t remotely looks easy to master.

Are you a ukulele teacher?

What a fun musical instrument! It is almost like a tiny guitar, how difficult can it be to learn? At least that’s what people think when searching for a teacher, tutorial or how to play videos. Ukuleles are actually available outside of musical instrument stores. But let’s not confuse availability with ease of learning.


Tips & Tricks to attract students-to-be

No musical instrument is easy to master and it won’t happen overnight. If you are a music teacher who is more likely to be contacted by students, then you have it a bit easier, but you can always improve your business to stand out of the crowd and your competitors.

If you noticed that students tend to assume that the musical instrument you teach is easy to learn at home, we have a few Tips & Tricks for you. Click To TweetIf you noticed that students tend to assume that the musical instrument you teach is easy to learn at home, we have a few Tips & Tricks for you.

Show off your skills

Tutorials are very popular, regardless of the topic. Why not upload a few cover of popular songs on YouTube? Maybe record and share a lesson online (make sure to include the ‘Tutorial’ in the title) to show students-to-be what an awesome teacher you are. Learning music is fun!. Let’s make sure that people know learning with you is fun too!

Setting goals

Students usually have a couple of favourite songs or compositions they would like to learn eventually. Let’s rank them by difficulty level, and set milestones, so your student will have an idea about how long it will take to get to that level. They probably wouldn’t have this piece of information if they learnt at home.

Be easy to find

As you can see, students search for music tutors. So make your classes easy to find and quick to book. With 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software, you can create your own booking page, where you can talk about your teaching method, add links to your YouTube channel and showcase your classes, so students can book them in the blink of an eye. You could offer a free first lesson to encourage the inquirers to take action.


With good music teacher scheduling software, like 10to8, you’ll find it easier to keep up with your calendar, know exactly where you finished with your student last time by adding notes. You will be able to send reminders, this way reduce no-shows, and receive online payments if you prefer it that way.

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