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New Features In April | 2020

The 10to8 (now fully remote) team has been busy, and are proud to release a big improvement to our product! Support for multi-staff bookings.

Initially, we started working on this feature because many of our customers who use 10to8 for HR and recruitment purposes requested it. Scheduling interviews and performance reviews can be tedious, but with 10to8’s new functionality, it is as easy as pie.

Given the events of the past few weeks however, this feature takes on a renewed importance. With many businesses being urged to move to a remote setup, virtual meeting scheduling is now more important than ever.

Therefore, we’re activating this feature for all our customers, to help your teams work remotely, regardless of the industry that you’re in.

We're activating this feature for all our customers, to help your teams work remotely, regardless of the industry that you're in. Click To Tweet


Multi-staff bookings

Now, when you make a new booking in your 10to8 calendar, you will have the option to add many members of your team to it.

The appointment will then appear in all their calendars, including if they sync to Google or Outlook. Members of your team who don’t log into 10to8 regularly will receive emails with the details of their appointments. 10to8 will also block time out in all attendees’ calendars, so that they can’t be double booked.

It is also possible to change the booking, by adding or removing members of staff, or rescheduling to another time. In all cases, 10to8 will email your staff to keep them on the same page.

There are lots of booking types that will benefit from this:


Job interviews & HR reviews

Scheduling interviews with job candidates has never been this easy! You can seamlessly book in an interview with a candidate and then add an interviewer, Hiring Manager, Head of Department or whoever you might need to find the talent to scale your business. Even cross-department hiring processes will become a breeze.

The same can be said about post-probation or performance reviews. You simply grab a slot in all the attendees’ calendars and pull them into the right place at the right time.

You can add private interview or review notes to the appointments, tag job candidates based on how far they are in the interview process, and search for all candidates at each stage of the funnel.

Due to the current situation, you will likely be running video interviews, for which you can utilize our Zoom integration.


interview scheduling sotware by 10to8



Specialized medical services

If you have ever tried arranging a Medical Specialist, one of their assistants, and a nurse, all to see a patient at once, you will probably be reaching for the medicine cabinet.

Now 10to8 helps you do this while keeping your data safe at the same time. The multi-staff booking feature paired with our safety measures such as our HIPAA tools, make 10to8 the perfect solution for such medical appointments.

Even organizing phone appointments with patients is easy and so GPs, doctors, and professionals working in telemedicine can be organised.


Remote team collaboration

10to8 is one of the best remote working tools, as it helps not only with coordination but also with collaboration and communication between teams.

Schedule daily stand-ups, weekly meetings, cross-team catch-ups or even virtual social events and let the multi-saff booking feature take care of the rest. Hang out in a safe Zoom meeting room that is specific to the appointment so that you don’t get Zoom-bombed by hackers and trolls.

The automated reminders will make sure that these virtual meetings happen so you can focus on more important things.


meeting scheduling software multi staff bookings


If you’re in the process of moving your business online and would like to get some help then find out how 10to8 enables you to transition to virtual appointments.

These are just a few ideas on how the multi-staff feature can be useful. We would love to hear from you about how you’re getting on with it and how it benefits your business.

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Richard is the Managing Director and Co-founder of 10to8, responsible for day to day running of the company. He has been with 10to8 since he completed a Ph.D. at Oxford.

Richard previously worked in the City, and at several technology companies and startups.

Richard Hills

Managing Director, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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