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New Features In February

Brace yourselves! This article contains amazing new features!

Over the past month, we’ve been busy working on new features to further improve the product. In February, we have released enhancements to messaging, the booking process and swapped the old staff page for a brand new one.

Excited yet? Let’s dive in then!


⭐ Feature Highlight Of February ⭐

Time-Specific Appointment Reminders

Automated SMS & email appointment reminders are not at all new to 10to8 scheduling software, and we take much pride in the fact that our customers see an up to 90% reduction in no-shows after implementing the reminders.

As before, you can customize these reminders to have the maximum effect and make it more consistent with your branding.

We have now introduced the option to design a chain of reminders. This means that you can write messages specific to each reminder and each service. As before you can specify how long before the appointment you want each reminder to be sent.

In the example screenshot, you can see we have written a specific message for an SMS reminder to be sent 1 week before the appointment, and a different message for an SMS reminder to be sent 3 hours before the appointment.

You can also choose to have different messages for different services too.

10to8 appointment scheduling software time-specific reminders

Customizing text messages is only available from the Grow Plan and above, however, you can easily upgrade your account by heading to the ‘Billing’ page in your 10to8 booking system. This specific feature is only available on new accounts at the moment, however, if you are an existing 10to8 user, you can reach out to us via and we’ll activate the new system on your account in no time.

The new functionality lives under ‘Messaging’ > ‘Customer Preferences’, where you can click ‘Add Reminder’ to make another message appear.

We have now introduced the option to design a chain of reminders. This means that you can write messages specific to each reminder and each service. Click To Tweet


Change & Cancellation Notice

Now, not only can you decide whether you allow clients to change or cancel their appointments, but you can define how much notice they have to give you. For example, you can say that your clients can reschedule their bookings 24 hours prior to the appointment, but can only cancel with 1 week’s notice. This gives you even more control over your schedule and helps you run your business more efficiently, while customers still have the option to manage their appointments to an extent.

10to8 appointment scheduling software cancellation and change notice

The notice period can be defined on each service, so if you want different settings for some or even all of your services, that’s not a problem at all. To set this up, simply head to ‘Set Up’ > ‘Services’ and choose your preferred settings for ‘Customer cancellations’ and ‘Customer changes’.


Custom Buffer Time

You’ve been requesting this for a while, so here you go: now you can choose a custom buffer time for a specific appointment!

As before, you can define a default buffer time on each of your services, but thanks to the new improvements, now you can now choose a different the buffer time when you book your appointment. For example, if you provide services at your client’s location and one of your clients lives on the other end of the town and it takes you much longer to get there, you can extend the buffer before the appointments on the other side of town.

10to8 appointment scheduling software buffer time

To do this, go to your calendar, click on the booking, click on ‘Change’. Tick the ‘Buffer’ box and choose the custom buffer before or after the appointment.


Brand New Staff Page

The new staff page brings you performance improvements and unification of the look and feel of the page with the rest of the product. What you see in the frontend is a more stylish and cleaned-up page, that is consistent with the other parts of 10to8 booking system.

But as always it’s what’s beneath the surface that counts.

It is now easier and faster to add staff members, furthermore, you can choose to assign all or none of your services to them. For example, if have 20 services, but each staff member takes only 1-2 of them, the process of specifying who takes what kind of appointments is now much quicker.

One of the main motivations behind the new staff page is the ability to continue to improve the page with new features, now that it is built with a newer frontend. With the new staff page, the sky’s the limit and we are looking to reach it!

Over time we plan to continue to improve this page, and we welcome feedback submit on any new features or improvements you’d like – reach out to us and provide a detailed description of your dream-feature.

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Simon is a Senior Software Engineer at 10to8, with over a decade’s worth of industrial experience. Since joining the engineering team in 2017, he has contributed to the development and evolution of the product.

Simon Chan

Senior Software Engineer, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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