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New Features In September | 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

Availability improvements

Here at 10to8 appointment scheduling software, we understand that managing your availability is important to you. From September you can now benefit from the enhanced UI for modifying availability we have introduced this month:
  • We have rolled out our new availability feature to all new sign-ups to 10to8.
  • Existing sign-ups can request to activate the new availability feature.
  • Users on the Grow Plan or above can benefit from Multi-location availability (as explained in the August New Features article).
Our previous availability management features provided you with fixed working hours across the year, to which you added holidays and exceptions. With our new availability feature, we now give you the flexibility to choose how you edit your working hours:
  • For a specific date – choose the option ‘<date>’
    • e.g. ‘Tuesday 9th October 2018’
    • You can use this to add an exception for extended/reduced hours on a particular day or to book a holiday on a single day
  • As working hours on a particular day of the week – choose the option ‘Every <day of week> from <date>‘
    • (e.g. ‘Every Wednesday starting from 3rd October 2018’)
    • You can use this to set up regular working hours over the whole year
Specifically new in September, you can now also:
  • Apply a set of changes to a specific set of dates – choose ‘Multiple days’
    • You’re presented with a calendar, where you can choose the dates on which to apply these working hours
    • You can use this to book holidays or blocks of working hours on shifts that vary from week to week.
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Detection of conflicts

We also introduced detection of conflicts when editing regular working hours on a particular day of the week, when you select the ‘Every <day> starting from <date>’
  • We warn you if you might be overwriting an exception – for example, if you might be overwriting holidays or a special case on a particular date.
  • When a potential conflict is detected, you can choose to:
    • Abort the change
      • Close the Change Availability side-panel.
    • Overwrite all exceptions
      • Select ‘Override all dates’ and click ‘Apply’
    • Making the change, but preserve all exceptions
      • Select ‘Preserve conflicting dates’ and click ‘Apply’
september appointment scheduling software availability overwrite  

Polishing our product

  • We’ve spent some time focussing on improving the experience of using existing features, including gradually unifying the look and feel of our product.
september appointment scheduling software polished look  

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Simon is a Senior Software Engineer at 10to8, with over a decade’s worth of industrial experience. Since joining the engineering team in 2017, he has contributed to the development and evolution of the product.

Simon Chan

Senior Software Engineer, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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