New Features This January

Here are the latest features and improvements that we’ve realized in the past month. This is the first post of many and will try to keep you updated with monthly posts like this, so stay tuned!


1. Take payments with Sage

10to8 supports PayPal, Stripe and now Sage. They all allow you to take payments from your clients online so that when their bookings appear in your calendar, you can be confident that you have been paid. 

It takes 1 minute to set up your Sage account into your 10to8 account and once it’s set, you just need to add the price for each service and the rest will be done by your clients during the booking process.


2. See only available staff when booking for specific times

When booking as admin person, you can now see which staff members are available for specific times, instead of going through the list and investigating if they are available at the time the client wants to book.


3. Enterprise feature.

The new Export Data section allows powerful reporting across a large number of accounts. This is very useful for people running multiple 10to8 accounts and need to combine them all to analyze the growth.


4. Set your own subdomain – Premium Feature

If you’re not on the Free Forever Plan, you can change the subdomain that will be used for your own online booking page. Change it as many times as you want, you no longer need to contact us to make the changes.


5. Clients can now attach files to personal messages.

This is very useful if you, as a business, need to get specific information ahead of the appointment, such as questionnaires filled or medical documents.

Bring your appointment no-show rate down to 1.7% today!

Businesses using 10to8 see 80% fewer no-shows than industry averages over 8-9% (based on usage data from 25,000+ businesses)

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