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New Features In January | 2020

At 10to8, we are always improving our appointment scheduling software to meet our customers’ needs. We regularly review customer feedback and feature requests. Based on this feedback, you will be delighted to know that we have made several improvements to 10to8 this month.

Highlights this month include more options to customize our HTML booking widgets, support for staff photos on your booking pages, and a new tab that shows messages across lots of bookings for a single customer. Read on to discover more…


Showing your face to customers with staff photos

We know how important it is for you to build trust and a deep relationship with your customers and how a friendly face can help with this. This is why we have now added an option to upload your employees’ photos and to include their description on their private booking page.


online booking page with staff photos


This is my online booking page with the services that I offer at 10to8. Our Sales Team, for example, finds this new feature very helpful when routing leads to the appropriate sales rep to schedule sales calls and product demos.

To give you more power over which services can be booked with your staff, you can also now select which booking page should be used for your staffs’ private booking pages. This can come in handy if you have multiple groups of services, say some for new customers and others for established customers, and you don’t want to display them to everybody.

Head over to Set Up > Staff > to explore these new features.


Better targeted online booking pages

Since many of you are using multiple booking pages and requested more customization options for each booking page, we made it happen! Now you can fully customize each page with different images, titles and descriptions. Isn’t that amazing?

One way to use this might be if you are running a limited time offer or have services with limited availability. You can create a booking page to gather these offers and upload a header that makes it clear that the offer is limited. What a great way to leverage scarcity. But if you have loyalty programs or VIP services, the same can apply.


Booking widget that fits your website

We’ve noticed that more and more of our users realize the power of an embedded online booking widget.

When you integrate 10to8 into your website, visitors can book an appointment straight from your page without having to visit your dedicated online booking page. Fewer clicks mean more bookings and lower churn. Simply put, the sooner visitors see your online booking calendar, the bigger the chance is that they schedule an appointment.

So now you can customize the colors on your booking widget to blend with your website color theme and hence achieve consistent branding. We have added the options to change the color of buttons and the progress indicator on the booking widget.


10to8 online booking widget 10to8 online booking widget

Go to Online Booking > HTML Widgets and get creative. I would love to see your designs in the comment section!


The history between you and your customers

You used to have to check appointments to find specific messages or notes related to a customer. Such a tedious task!

Fortunately, now you can find them in a jiffy! Simply go to the Customer details page, click on the History tab and you will see messages and notes in chronological order. What’s more, clicking on the message or note will take you straight to the related appointment.

Now you can see every message ever sent to the customer, and their replies. Super useful!


Bulk email campaigns are retiring

Not completely though, but from 7th February 2020, we will be limiting email campaigns to 250 recipients at a time. Campaigns smaller than this will not be affected.

We have found that these campaigns can hurt the deliverability rates of more important messages, such as confirmations and reminders. So by limiting this functionality, we expect better delivery rates with transactional messages.

If you run email campaigns with 10to8, I’d recommend that you take a look at our Email Marketing integrations. They were designed with amazing email campaigns in mind and I think you will find them very impressive.


I would love to hear your thoughts on these new features and how you will use them. Leave a quick note in the comment section!

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Megha is a Software Engineer at 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software with 9 years of industrial experience. She has joined the 10to8 team in 2019 and she is contributing to the development and evolution of the product.

Megha Maheshwari

Software Engineer, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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