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New Features In March

⭐ Feature Highlight Of March ⭐

Configure your booking messages for your different services

10to8’s automatic communications are a core feature, and all of our customers rely on them to reduce no-shows and to engage with their customers.

Last month we released the feature that allows you to set up time and service-specific SMS and email reminders, with the ability to edit their content. This month we’ve expanded this feature to cover all communications, including booking confirmations.

Now, you can customize the content of these messages on a service by service basis. For example, for your Initial Consultation, you can include a link to a medical question in the booking confirmation email, which you would not include in your Followup Appointments. If you charge different prices for each service, you can include this in the booking confirmation email.

This feature is available on the Grow Plan and above. 

10to8 online booking system service based communications

We are very excited about this feature because it puts a lot of the power of 10to8 in the hands of our users. Let us know how you have found it useful, and how it has helped you personalize and professionalize your business.

We are very excited about this feature because it puts a lot of the power of 10to8 in the hands of our users. Click To Tweet



Support for different customer timezones

10to8 online booking system can manage those cases where you and your client live in different timezones so that you don’t have to do the math!

If you add a new customer on the Customers tab within the product, you can now specify which timezone they are in. This allows 10to8 to send them SMS and emails with the correctly formatted time for the appointment. Get this right to avoid no-shows! For bookings initiated by your customers, 10to8 already gives them the option of choosing their own timezone.

online booking system edit timezones

Preview your Online Booking Page while you edit it

All successful businesses take care of their online presence, to make sure that it reflects the values and image they want to portray.

To make this easier with 10to8, you can now edit the description, privacy policy and contact details of your business under “Online Booking” within the product, and see those changes in your 10to8 Online Booking Page immediately in a preview on the right hand of the screen.

online booking system edit your booking page

More flexible Online Booking Questions

This feature is only available on Bespoke Plans.

You can now change the questions that 10to8 asks your customers before they place a booking with you, and you can have different questions for each service that you offer.

This allows you to tailor the customer experience for each user so that the booking process is more personal and you can avoid asking irrelevant or repetitive questions for returning customers.

For example, you might want to ask customers what they would like to discuss during their sessions with you.

online booking system questions

However, you are also interested in market research, so for their Initial Consultation you can ask them how they found out about you, but selecting the “Use different settings…” option for that service. You would not want to ask this for every single session!

online booking system flexible online booking page questions

We’re really excited to see how our users make the most of this. Let us know how you get on with this feature.

Taking multiple bookings at once

This feature is a bit more advanced and only available on Bespoke Plans. To find out more, reach out to  our support team via

10to8 online booking system can now take multiple bookings for the same member of staff at the same time, up to a limit that you can choose.

For example, you might arrange deliveries. You can not guarantee a delivery time, so instead, you schedule 5, all of which to take place “between 9 am and 1 pm”. Normally, 10to8 only allows 1 booking at a time, but you can now increase this limit. Your clients can even schedule their deliveries online, and the system will stop once the 5 slots are full.

Another potential use would be for medical appointments, where several people are scheduled to be seen at 9 am, and then form a queue until a specialist is available.

This is different from a class – classes are when a member of staff carries out a particular service with multiple attendees. With this new feature, the staff member can be carrying out many different services at once, even with potentially different start times for each client.

Which feature do you like the most this month and what would you like to be released next month? Let us know in the comments!

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Richard is the Managing Director and Co-founder of 10to8, responsible for day to day running of the company. He has been with 10to8 since he completed a Ph.D. at Oxford.

Richard previously worked in the City, and at several technology companies and startups.

Richard Hills

Managing Director, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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